Quitting Sugar

I’m very much addicted to added sugars and refined carbs and was wondering if anyone else was trying to quit the stuff.

Even just a taste of sugar causes me to binge almost every single time, but I basically need it to function! Hopefully I won’t feel like that as long as I continue to avoid it ... yikes tho


  • the_new_robin2016
    the_new_robin2016 Posts: 117 Member
    I am there with you! And being female and dealing with natures cycle doesn't help!
  • GrayRider61
    GrayRider61 Posts: 337 Member
    I just started the Wild Diet by Abel James, has a podcast called fatburningman.com. It's very similar to paleo but not nearly as restrictive. I haven't cut out sugar completely but I'm close. Check out his website or podcasts. Might give you some good ideas. If you have anything sweet on this plan, it's sweetened with honey or with fresh fruit. I've also been able to cut out soft drinks, which is pretty huge with me.
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 200 Member
    YES!! I am going through the same thing at the moment. I do not keep that stuff in my house. I binge too if I eat just a little.