The 5 Stages of Weight Loss

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This idea recently came to me...if anyone out there spends a lot of time lurking in these forums, you may notice certain trends as well. I began to relate them in my mind to the "5 stages of grief". I've collected a set of "quotes" - they aren't actually quotes - they are generalizations of things that I've seen here. I post this for two reasons:
1. For humors sake.
2. An attempt to be helpful. I've made plenty of mistakes especially in the denial/bargaining areas. If anyone can "skip" straight to Acceptance by reading this - great!

“I cut out all sugar/processed foods/meat/carbs/gluten/caffeine/dairy and I feel great!”
“I don’t even miss pizza/sweets/carbs AT ALL!”
“I am eating a completely CLEAN diet – processed foods are killing us all slowly”
“I’m exercising every day for 4 hours per day, I love it!”
“I’m eating 1200 calories per day, it’s the only way I can lose weight.”
“I need to lose 20 pounds in one month. What should I eat?”

“Why aren’t I losing weight!? I am doing everything PERFECT, except on my cheat day/except on the weekends/except I don’t weigh my food.”
“I have been doing low carb/IF/clean eating/keto/WW for a month and I’ve GAINED weight!”

“Has anyone tried Apple Cider Vinegar/Ginger Tea/this Detox/BulletProof Coffee/eating only bananas/coconut oil/green smoothies/this Cleanse/essential oils? What were your RESULTS?”

“I gained 3 pounds overnight, help!”
“I’m only eating 1200 calories per day, and I don’t eat back my exercise calories, why am I so hungry all the time?”
“I ate fast-food/sweets/over my calories and I feel really guilty.”
“I’ve hit a plateau…of 2 weeks.”

Realizing that it doesn’t have to be so difficult or complicated, slow and steady wins the race. A proven way to lose weight (as shown by the members of this sight) is to eat at a moderate calorie deficit (long term), with a balanced range of foods, including ones that you enjoy, without depriving yourself from entire food groups (unless for medical reasons). Realizing exercise is for health and muscle retention, not for weight loss, and the best kind is any form/amount that is sustainable and enjoyable to you. Realizing that weight loss is not linear – your body weight isn’t exactly matched with body FAT and your weight can go up and down for so many reasons.
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