Is there any nerds that lift out in the MFP universe???

dusting8573 Posts: 6 Member
Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Expanded Universe, 80s Cartoons, comic books, HP, Wizarding World, D&D, Anime, board games or all the above/something similar.... if one of the above sparks your interest and you are a goal driven individual in the world of fitness, let’s have a chat!


  • Versicolour
    Versicolour Posts: 7,145 Member
    Check 4 of those for me. I don't lift much though. Karate and running are my thing (training for the monk class although I would love to be a demon hunter or archer)
  • Egger29
    Egger29 Posts: 14,741 Member
    All of the Above plus 8 different superhero shirts for my gym sessions.
  • ThinGoldLineNS
    ThinGoldLineNS Posts: 267 Member
    I have seen all the HP, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel movies/shows, learning to run (signed up for a 10K race in June and 10K Ultra Mud Hero in Sept) and startling to lift/strength train.
  • karsei01
    karsei01 Posts: 442 Member
    Jupp! And for lifting..i use excel to plan and see the results of my weight training, including development, expected results and everything numbercrunching you can do.
  • THeADHDTurnip
    THeADHDTurnip Posts: 413 Member
    I'm not into super heroes/Star Wars much, the only one I really liked was in the 90's, Spawn. 90's Top Cow comics and Joe MADs Battle Chasers.

    Currently playing Subnautica.
  • KosmosKitten
    KosmosKitten Posts: 10,476 Member
    There are lots of us, most of us are just quiet. There's even a "lunchtable" here, lol.
  • gophermatt
    gophermatt Posts: 129 Member
    Star Wars, Tolkien nerd. I lift about 3x per week. Not on 5x5, though I would believe it’s effective. I’m still working on cutting, so not getting too much for strength gains, more trying to avoid atrophy while I get my body fat where I want it.
  • Nitrosaurous
    Nitrosaurous Posts: 1 Member
    I'm a huge gamer. Into co op board games. Started lifting a month ago. Great combo!
  • Meelisv
    Meelisv Posts: 235 Member
    Some of those things, but not all :smile:
    I am definitely a nerd though and been doing some lifting for a while.