Intermittent Fasting Anyone?

Is anyone doing IF right now? I’ve been on the 16-8 for about two weeks and feeling great!


  • jjpptt2
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    Great. I've tried it in the past... I like the schedule aspect, but still struggle with the counting/managing cals part.
  • toxikon
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    Yup! Been loosely following 16:8 for a few years. I prefer having a large dinner, so I save more calories for the evening.

    Here's a group:
  • amoparker
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    Thanks guys!
  • kommodevaran
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    Yes I am, inadvertently, and I sorta hate admitting it, as I detest the term and cringe at the wild claims, and as if the stupid term wasn't bad enough, it's becoming bastardized (14:10 and soon 12:12 too); but I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner 3-4 hours apart and that means I'm following the 16:8 or 18:6 protocol. Just silly. It's a perfectly ordinary meal schedule. Having boundaries makes me more relaxed as well as disciplined about eating, that's all.
  • nowine4me
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    When I need to drop a few #, I cut calories by skipping breakfast. That creates a 250 cal deficit. AKA - IF
  • Falklang
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    Yarp, I probably attribute my fat loss so far due to IF, it's awesome. I currently do 16/8 minimum but aim for 18-21, I enjoy big meals and this works perfectly for me.

    Side notes: It helps my anxiety slightly, my appetite is decreased and overall just feel better! :)
  • inertiastrength
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    I prefer larger meals and breakfast has never appealed to me so I do it by accident.
  • RaleighCaldwell
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    Been doing the 16/8 for around 6 months, love it! Nothing before 11:00 AM or after 7:00PM.