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  • JDiMascola
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    I am looking for friends to help me stay motivated, and I hope to help others as well. Send a friend request if you have similar goals. :smiley:
  • Victor_thomas
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    Hi everyone! Looking for friends to help stay motivated. I want to lose 100 or more pounds. I’m in this for the long haul.

    Hi I'm new to this any help much appreciated
  • dianebates2018
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    Hi, I am looking for friends to help keep me motivated. I want to lose about 50lbs. Send me a request if you like 😁. I have only signed up today and will be doing this from tomorrow.
  • chubbycatcorner
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    Feel free to add me. Anyone :)
  • erinlouise55
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    Hey girl im here to lose about 5kg and tone up, im on here daily and my food diary is open for anyone to view, feel free to add me!