Hi. Im Faye.
Before Chrustmas my daughter said she was going to buy cruelty free products. I agreed that this was a goid idea. So many main strean stores provide reasinably priced products.
I began reading up on things and decided to become vegetarian, Thus lead to thinking about becoming vegan. I decided to cut out dairy but in the end to also remove fish was too much for me. I had to decided and after much dekiberation I ve kept fish in my diet.

Initially this was an ethucal decision. However, after muking bolognaise and adding beef to one and quorn mince to the other I googled the difference. I was amazed that my quorn mince one had 90% less fat.

Well that was it. Infact iprefer the taste of the quorn one.

Its a hard journey kearning what yiu can and can t have. My weight is coming down nicely. Iam sleeping better and feel more motivated. I am also cutting out my weekend glasses of red and don t even miss them.

Even better my foid bill each week is a lot less. .

If anyone else has oris vegan seagan or vegetarian and has any tips please let me know


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    Not going to lie...I had to Google up what Seagan is! :D That's great you have found something that works for you and that's the key to fat loss really. Find something that you enjoy and you can maintain. Good job!