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Hello! I'm Theresa, and I live on the shores of Lake Superior. I have an 11 yo son, am 39, currently working through a divorce. I lost about 50 points a few years ago, and I am slowly creeping back up. It's time to make a change, and I'm hoping MFP will help me with that!

I am 212lb, and would like to be 185. I hit under 200, (199.7) one time over the summer - but would really like to reach my goal.

I used to use the Livestrong MyPlate tool as a Gold member for nearly 7 years. Their tool has deteriorated significantly in the last few years, and currently you are not able to add recipes, which essentially renders the tool completely useless for me.

I've only been using MFP for a few days, and I already love it. I've subscribed to the annual membership so I can track macronutrients. I am following the keto style diet, the customizable nutrient goals are AWESOME for this!

I'm glad to be a part of a community again. Hope everyone has a good week!




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    Welcome to MFP! It’s a bit of a buggy app, but better than any other I’ve found.

    Hope you’ve had a great week too!
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    Hi! I’m looking to get under 200 & have 40 to go. I’ve already lost long term goal is to be 135-150. Good Luck to you!!
  • txngus
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    Thanks for the welcome! I hear you, lowjax. Almost all diet tracker apps have some quirks, but so far I am really loving the way this one was put together. I tried it maybe 5 years ago, and it just wasn’t quite there, but now it’s super!