Looking for motivating MFP friends ✨

Hey !! My name is Violet, I’m new to MFP. I’m 5’2 and my starting weight is 125. I’d like to get down to 100. I’m an artist and a dancer currently living in Boston. Drop something below about yourself and let’s be friends!


  • change_gonna_come_1_day
    You can add me !
  • YogiJear
    YogiJear Posts: 118 Member
    Hey violet, welcome! What kind of dancing do you do? I've dabbled into salsa. I was kind of stilted and wasn't very good lol (just don't got those latin hips!) but it was fun and I love the music!
  • lowjax75
    lowjax75 Posts: 589 Member
    Welcome Violet! I’m a terrible dancer. Lol!
  • dcanney44
    dcanney44 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi violet how r u. I’m Dave I’m in Boston area too. I have been here for years and have been up and down though I never give up on my goals as my streak is a year straight I think tomorrow. How r u? U need help setting ur goals for nutrition?
  • ayzence
    ayzence Posts: 1 Member
    Hello :)
  • Shredder583
    Shredder583 Posts: 180 Member
    Hi V, i am not in Boston, am in a place called Australia, heard of it lol. I can dance but it is embarrassing i think so i only do it when i am around poeple who dont know me ha ha! Best of luck on here with your journey! TC