In need of friends/motivation!

myraara Posts: 32 Member
Hi! I just downloaded this app! I'm in need of some friends for motivation


  • lowjax75
    lowjax75 Posts: 589 Member
    Hi! Just sent you a friend request.
  • dfp333
    dfp333 Posts: 8 Member
    What are your goals?
  • Flowerlip93
    Flowerlip93 Posts: 1 Member
    I need motivation too
    I weigh 183 and my goal weight is 135
  • myraara
    myraara Posts: 32 Member
    dfp333 wrote: »
    What are your goals?

    Losing this baby weight! I had my son two years ago & I've never been this heavy in my life! I wanna be healthier, more pleasing to my own eyes
  • PorfforBat
    PorfforBat Posts: 23 Member
    Hi I am new and in the same position. Got a long way to go but mini goals in mind for along the way. Tracking will be key for me.
  • Karena26x
    Karena26x Posts: 10 Member
    Friend me too. I'm at 190 and need to get to 150 at least to be healthy but ultimately 135...