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U.K food makers told to cut calories by 20%


I think it would serve better if people were educated in portion sizes and learn to know calories in foods in general and how much their bodies need to maintain their weight. Also if portion sizes in restaurants/cafes were kept more realistic too - people in general don't seem to know what a normal portion size should be.

IMO knowledge of the amount of calories leads to overall better choices (its the reason I have been maintaining an almost 30lbs weight loss for 5 years).



  • Packerjohn
    Packerjohn Posts: 4,855 Member
    fr33sia12 wrote: »
    You can tell people till you're blue in the face about obesity dangers some will listen some won't. Some people want to educate themselves and their children and some don't. In this day & age most people have the tools to know or find out about calories, nutrition etc but don't bother. You can't force people to eat healthy or eat a certain amount, in the end it all comes down to choice. Just like people smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol knowing the dangers. Teach kids in schools etc then let them make their own choices. Sadly most will choose not to worry about it till it's too late.

    Yep, it's like most other things. If there wasn't a problem, there wouldn't be a law.
  • SteamPug
    SteamPug Posts: 262 Member
    Froggyh wrote: »
    I like to keep a few healthier ready meals in the freezer (things like veggie-filled curries) for emergencies. I've actually struggled to find any that have *enough* calories; the ones from my grocery store's own-brand healthy line are around 260 calories and so low in fat they leave me hungry half an hour later. I'd be very unimpressed if the meals I've found that are on the lower end of acceptable for a meal (360 calories or so) suddenly had 20% fewer calories in a bid to be healthier. It would actually be LESS healthy for me, as I'd eat it, be unsatisfied, and graze from the cupboard all evening, ultimately taking in more calories.
    Yes thiiis. I really struggle to find easy ready meals that are mid range calorie wise. It’s either 309 calorie weight watchers style meals or excessive 700-900 ones.
  • Cbean08
    Cbean08 Posts: 1,092 Member
    An adult portion should be about what is currently considered a "kid's meal." Obviously some people have different nutritional needs, but those who do can order an extra side or a starter.