Bariatric Surgery Question

anl90 Posts: 928 Member
Alright, so last week I officially started the process of potentially getting weight loss surgery. My doctor recommended I go with the sleeve, because she thought it would be the better option for me. However, it kind of dawned on me today that I sometimes get heartburn (I didn't know what it was I was experiencing until I finally looked it up), and she said this could make it worse. For anyone who has had this procedure done, did it do this to you? I am now feeling a little nervous about it.


  • happyfeetrebel1
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    I had no issues, but they will start you out with an RX for Omeprazole.
  • aussieincali80
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    I know it is a scary decision and there is so much information. I had the sleeve surgery a little over a year ago and it has completely changed my life. Please feel free to add me and ask as many questions as you like. I have ahd a few difficulties but i wouldnt change a thing!!
  • lcoulter23
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    I'm in the process of qualifying for gastric bypass surgery myself and was originally going to get the sleeve. I was told that if you even rarely get acid reflux 9 times out of 10 the reflux will be worse after getting the sleeve. If you have any questions feel free to message me or add me, as I have found that these message boards are not very bariatric surgery friendly.
  • anl90
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    Thanks for the input. :) My doctor mentioned gastric bypass as well, but it sounds as though it has more complications. So now I just don't know what I want to do. lol
  • garber6th
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    I had the sleeve 4 1/2 years ago, no complications whatsoever. This is a good group for all your questions, people at all stages from pre-surgery to post-surgery and they are very helpful and honest.
  • namelesshere
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    My dr recommended Gastric Bypass for me, and after doing a little research on success rates, I got a different doctor. There is really no quick fix to weight loss. Eat less Move more. That is it. I have lost one friend to gastric bypass surgery and almost lost another. The people I know with sleeves are not having an easy time of it either. I would never consider either and would most certainly get a second opinion before I went further in the process.