Getting of my couch and getting healthy

Hey everyone. Never thought I'd see so many positive people especially wanting to provide healthy living tips to each other. Today is my second day on this app, it was alot to grasp at first but I'm catching on quite well. My goal is to loose 50lbs and I'm gonna do; I have lost quite a few pounds last year due to being sick and I gained it right back which I wasn't proud about. But im going to remain driven and get back on track. Have a good day everyone!!


  • LilSkittles22
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    Best of luck to you! I'm back at this again, and it definitely helps to have others supporting you. Try making small changes to start with, that should make it easier to stick with. For me, I'm working on eating less right now instead of cutting out all "bad" food right from the start. Once I can get that under control, I will work on making better food choices that will make me successful long term. Trying to completely change everything all at once can be overwhelming and stressful for some, so be careful biting off more than you can chew. Feel free to add me as a friend and I will try to help keep you encouraged as we work on losing weight.
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    Good luck!
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    Thank u
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    Good luck, you will have bad days just log it all so you can see what's happening. Start again the next day. Small steps build into bigger ones I find keeps you motivated rather than a dramatic change that can put you off very quickly. I'm just back at it 4 weeks in.
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    Thank you, I'm pretty trying to do more portion control and limit emotional eating. I'm bad for that
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    Hi I'm Cherri from London England at the beginning of a three stone marathon! Ive just let it slip year after year but it's time to get a handle on this as it's affecting my health and happiness.. love to share motivation with you so add me :)