Starting Over

Hi! My name is Kym and I have been hovering between 248-258 for the last 6 months... I have not been doing anything my dietician wanted me to do. She suggested a max of carbs at 135 and exercise 3x a week.

I am up and down with my carbs and have a herniated disk in my lower back and I am not sure what exercises to do with my back (except what I learned in PT).

I want to lose to 180. I have lost 60 pounds already by giving up soda and most sweets (oh and Red Bull).

So I am going to start counting my carbs again and see if I can break out of this rut. Hello to everyone. I hope this is a good place for support.


  • ChazMMonroeC21
    ChazMMonroeC21 Posts: 9 Member
    You can definitely get it done! It's HARD but possible! Take it 1 day at a time (1 meal at a time). Just keep in mind where you wanna be....and it shall help!