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What's Your Daily Morning Routine?



  • AuthorNinja
    AuthorNinja Posts: 69 Member
    Wake up between 4-5
    Shower/weigh in/coffee and breakfast
    School -or- work
  • girlinahat
    girlinahat Posts: 2,956 Member
    depends if it's a run day

    wake up 6am
    dress in running kit, down a glass of water out the door before my brain kicks in
    7am back home, make cup of tea for drive to work, feed guinea pigs, quick cuddle if I can catch them
    7.10 shower, make-up, dress etc.
    7.30 drive to work
    8.30 make coffee and start work

    If it's not a run day, then I get a lie-in until 6.45 then a bit more leisurely start
  • kam26001
    kam26001 Posts: 2,799 Member
    Wake up at 4:30
    Engulf 2 bananas and head to the gym
    Come back home and eat a bowl of cereal
    Crank up some Brazilian tunes
    Take a shower
    Get dressed
    Make a smoothie

    (Check phone about 12-24 times during all of this :# )
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,346 Member
    You folk all get up so freaking early ! but all power to ya! I will keep on enjoying a few extra hours in bed :smiley:
  • RAinWA
    RAinWA Posts: 1,959 Member
    You folk all get up so freaking early ! but all power to ya! I will keep on enjoying a few extra hours in bed :smiley:

    I wish I could sleep in, I really do. Someday I'll have less to do in the a.m.

    Up at 4-4:15
    Let dog out, feed dog, walk dog & cat
    Coffee, paper, news
    Set up dinner if needed
    Do quick house clean up
    Put together my lunch & hubby's breakfast & lunch for the day
    Out the door between 6:30 & 6:45 to get to work around 7
  • youngmomtaz
    youngmomtaz Posts: 1,082 Member
    Alarm #1 @ 6am, take thyroid meds
    Alarm #2 @ 6:30am, get up and dressed
    -drink coffee(black)
    -help get kids ready for school
    -start a load of laundry
    -drive school bus for 2 hours
    -home by 9:30am, let chickens out of coop and feed/water them
    -quick daily house tidy
    -2nd cup of coffee
    -workout, then shower

    I hope to play with the schedule a bit now that spring is arriving in Manitoba. By early April I should have enough morning light to get a quick 2mile run in before I get on the bus. That will edit out my first coffee being at all leisurely, and require me to “drill Sargent” at the kids a bit more, but we all make our sacrifices!
  • DmaMfz
    DmaMfz Posts: 125 Member
    kam26001 wrote: »
    Wake up at 4:30
    Engulf 2 bananas and head to the gym
    Come back home and eat a bowl of cereal
    Crank up some Brazilian tunes
    Take a shower
    Get dressed
    Make a smoothie

    (Check phone about 12-24 times during all of this :# )

    I want to hang out with you in the mornings!
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,878 Member
    Wake up between 5:30 and 6:30 AM
    Take care of dogs
    Go for a run
    Eat breakfast, prepare lunch
    Commute (walk or bus)
  • ZoneFive
    ZoneFive Posts: 569 Member
    Up at either 5 or 6 am (depending on if husband goes to office or works from home)
    Bathroom, dress, walk dogs
    Feed dogs & cats, start coffee
    Wash up & brush teeth
    Drink coffee, check MFP, email, read funny pages & news online
    (Pack lunch & ship husband off if it's an in-office day)
    Go swimming
    Come home, walk dogs, shower & wash hair
    Breakfast either now or after I get to work
    Makeup, dress, go to work
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 22,325 Member
    So much perky productivity! ;) For high contrast, here's my li'l ol' retired lady Winter (rosing off season) non-spin day routine:

    * Wake up between 10 and noon.
    * Catch up social media while lying abed (hour? varies)
    * Turn on NPR
    * Weigh in, record in libra
    * Take thyroid meds with 12oz water
    * Putter at household chores during post-drug fast
    * Drink 2nd 12oz water
    * Make oatmeal with berries, yogurt, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, molasses; plus coffee with hot milk, 12oz iced matcha with citrus wedge
    * Read or internet while eating yummy yogurt and coffee
    * Make another coffee with hot milk, drink alongside more reading/internet

    . . . and I have now oozed gently into my day. ;)
  • LZMiner
    LZMiner Posts: 300 Member
    6:00 wake up, make bed, bathroom, weigh myself
    6:10 downstairs, coffee, Facebook, watch news, hang with spouse
    6:30 make lunches for kids, pack breakfast for me, unload dishwasher, prep stuff for dinner if needed
    6:45 shower, makeup, hair, get dressed
    7:30 leave for work
    8:00 arrive
  • Mikkimeow
    Mikkimeow Posts: 139 Member
    6:00am- Wake up, admit I must succumb to the realization that I work today
    6:04-6:09- Sit blindly on the edge of the bed as my 5 year old bounces around me
    6:10-6:45 Dress my kid, myself, feed dogs, cats
    6:45-7:00-Run around in a panic searching for all gyms clothes and meal prep I forgot to pack the night before
    7:00-Take 5 year old to school, sit in traffic for 30 minutes
    8:00am- Make it to work, pray to unseen forces that got me through this morning
    8:01-Vow to wake up at 5:00am the next day
  • cbelc2
    cbelc2 Posts: 754 Member
    Up at 6. Weigh. Outdoor walk 30 minutes. Pack lunches and breakfasts and drinks. Shower/wash hair/ primp/dress. Leave for work 7:30. Drink hot ACV/honey (2 tsp ACV, 1 tsp honey, 2 cups boiled water) on my 30 minute commute. Eat breakfast at my desk. I walk another 15 minutes on my morning break.
  • Seffell
    Seffell Posts: 2,196 Member
    Wake up around 10:30. Toilet etc. Breakfast around 11am. Leave around 11:30. Then gym until about 1:30pm. Then buy lunch suplies. Back home shower and start working on my dissertation around 3pm.

    That's how it's been the last 10 days or so. But I don't have a steady pattern. Often sleep between 5am and 2pm. So all follows after that.
  • rainingribbons
    rainingribbons Posts: 994 Member
    edited March 2018
    When not visiting boyfriend-
    6:50: Wake up, let family dog out, weigh myself sometimes, make coffee
    7:00: Log food for day, MFP
    7:15: Start work (I work from home)
    9:30-10: Breakfast, usually greek yogurt and berries

    When visiting boyfriend (he recently moved quite a few states away and will be there till November, so I go visit him every other month for about a month at a time)-
    6:50: Boyfriend's alarm goes off, snooze
    7:00: Boyfriend's alarm goes off again, snooze, morning cuddles and give cats attention
    7:10: Start coffee, throw boyfriend's breakfast in microwave (frozen egg samiches), feed cats, start my coffee
    7:20: Send boyfriend off to work, sit down with coffee and log/MFP
    7:30: Start work
    9:30-10: Breakfast, usually greek yogurt and berries
  • Lesscookies12
    Lesscookies12 Posts: 140 Member
    edited March 2018
    Listen to first alarm go off at 6:14am go back to sleep
    Listen to second alarm go on at 6:25 go back to sleep
    Listen to third alarm go on at 6:36 fall back asleep
    Listen to 4th alarm go off on 6:43 am finally wake up
    Take a shower
    Brush my teeth
    Wash my face with an oil based cleanser follow that up with a foam based cleansed, and follow that up with a rose water, and apply moisturizer, and SPF (I don't wear facial makeup if I ever do it's just lipstick)
    Apply oil to my skin
    Put on clothes
    Prep my breakfast and lunch
    Head to work
    I'm usually at work by 9am
  • Fitnessmom82
    Fitnessmom82 Posts: 376 Member
    For me it is:

    Wake up at 4AM
    Bible Study/Prayer Journaling
    Read a book for 30 Minutes
    Cold Shower/Shave/Brush Teeth
    Drink Glass of Warm Water w/ ACV and Juice of One Lemon

    Then off to work at 6:30AM...

    Up at 6am
    Make coffee and drink that while I prep school lunches for the kids
    Brush teeth/get dressed
    Kids out the door at 7:15
    Gym at 7:30
    Breakfast and a cup of tea at 8:30ish
    Work at 9:30
  • Sakura_Tree
    Sakura_Tree Posts: 142 Member
    edited March 2018
    wake up around 6am,
    have a coffee with almond milk in it, maybe a glass of water,
    brush teeth/get dressed go to work
    eat breakfast around 9:30 or 10
    on my days off ill eat breakfast around 8 and then go to the gym.
  • Mouse_Potato
    Mouse_Potato Posts: 1,395 Member
    Wake up at 6:35.
    Wake up at 6:44.
    Wake up at 6:53 (snooze is nine minutes).
    Remove cat from my body while promising him we will cuddle on Saturday.
    Make bed.
    Go downstairs, make coffee, feed animals, pack lunch.
    Put world's saddest dog outside to do her business.
    Go back upstairs and shower. Pray dog doesn't decide to start barking. Consider whether or not anyone will see my legs and notice if I've shaved them.
    Dress, brush teeth, etc.
    Let dog back in. Wave sheepishly at neighbor.
    Double check that all doors are locked and dog has food and water and I didn't forget anything in my early morning haze. Tell dog about the plan for the evening and to have a good dog day.
    Rush out the door 15-20 minutes late for work.
    Sit in traffic and ask myself why I didn't marry rich.
  • __TMac__
    __TMac__ Posts: 1,665 Member
    715: Lie in bed. Drink coffee provided by hubs. Check calendar, to-do list, and email on phone. Sigh.
    730: Deal with dog. Grumble at noisy kids. Eat a couple of eggs and toast. Drink more coffee.
    800: Work out. Drink more coffee. Feel more human.
    900: Shower, change, and commute the 10 steps into my home office.

    Similar, but later, and with slightly less grumbling.