Eating keto, changing lifestyle

I'm really excited to start applying the things I've learned about keto into my everyday life. It really isn't that hard, especially since my family eats well anyway, but getting enough protein is where I know I'm going to struggle. I'm looking into pea protein because I don't want to do dairy (been allergic for over 15 years) but if anyone has experience, I'm open to hearing what you've found!


  • toxikon
    toxikon Posts: 2,384 Member
    Are you vegetarian? If not - meat and seafood is your friend! Lots of it!
  • DJ_Skywalker
    DJ_Skywalker Posts: 420 Member
    All the tuna, chicken, beef, bacon .... MMMMMMMMMM
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    It's super easy to get protein on keto unless you are a vegetarian/vegan (which would pose other issues with that way of eating). I personally never used protein powder when I was doing it.

    I didn't think eating keto changed my lifestyle, though, as basically everything else was the same -- the # of carbs I eat is not my lifestyle.