Poll: Do you shower every day?

shenanigans_ Posts: 457 Member
Zero judgment here but I'm curious....


  • Suly09
    Suly09 Posts: 88 Member
    Yes, but I do not wash my hair every day. Actually only wash it about twice a week. Quick 8 minute shower most days. :#
  • 100_PROOF_
    100_PROOF_ Posts: 1,168 Member
    Yes every night, no matter what.
    But I only wash my hair once a week. I wear a shower cap .
  • 81Katz
    81Katz Posts: 7,074 Member
    No. Only time being if I'm too sick (or some scenario where there was no water.) But otherwise I'm a big shower-er person.
  • jseams1234
    jseams1234 Posts: 1,213 Member
    Every night before bed. Can't stand to be dirty inside a clean bed. I never understood people who sleep grimy and shower in the morning. I can see showering before bed and a quick one in the morning to wake up. Wife and I race to be the first ones in - the last one has to squeegee the glass. lol
  • justlog
    justlog Posts: 125 Member
    Every. damn. day. Many (if not most) days 2x.. Depending on my workout schedule or whatever else if happening... perhaps 3x. Even when I go for early morning runs, I get showered just before my run and then again when I get back.
  • zezelryck
    zezelryck Posts: 251 Member
    Twice a day, I hate my own smell lol :smile:
  • KosmosKitten
    KosmosKitten Posts: 10,476 Member
    Yes, my skin starts to feel filmy and I won't be able to sleep if I don't. I do not wash my hair every day. Maybe twice or three times a week?
  • jjpptt2
    jjpptt2 Posts: 5,650 Member
    I average 1+ showers per day... does that count?
  • crabbybrianna
    crabbybrianna Posts: 344 Member
    Twice. Once before bed, and once in the morning. I only wash my hair twice a week, though.
  • dmcnur
    dmcnur Posts: 157 Member
    Now yes, but when I lived on a rural property in Australia and only had water via rainwater tanks I had to be cautious with water use so only showered on alternate days and had a good sponge wash on the other days.
  • kam26001
    kam26001 Posts: 2,799 Member
    Hell nah.

    I got a mean conservation game.
  • goatg
    goatg Posts: 1,399 Member
    edited March 2018
    I shower every day I work out, which is 6 days/week. On my off day I don't really know, but probably not during the colder days.

    I'm in the pool three days/wk and try to limit my hair-washing to 3-4 days/wk.
  • goatg
    goatg Posts: 1,399 Member
    It's crazy, but I've had days where it's 4 showers a day.

  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    Only when I workout enough to break a sweat. I'd say 6 times a week though. In Summer it can be twice a day too. I just hate feeling sweaty.
  • bojack3
    bojack3 Posts: 1,483 Member
    I shower a couple times a day....I workout various times a day....and have a construction business as well....I'm sweaty and dirty more than I'm not lol