What's the most disgusting food you've tried so far on your journey to a healthier you?



  • emcclure013
    emcclure013 Posts: 231 Member
    "Naturally flavored" whey protein powder. Made it into a protein shake and it just tasted like spoiled, chalky milk. I've got a huge container of the crap if anyone wants it.
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,772 Member
    pretty much every protein powder Ive ever tried, thay all make me gag, bleck.

    Tomatos, ive always hated them but tried them because I come to find out I actually like a lot of the stuff I always thought I hated, But tomatos still are nasty.

    Vegetarian brats, I like smart dogs (the only decent veggie dog ive tried) but the brats are aweful
  • angmarie28
    angmarie28 Posts: 2,772 Member
    MichSmish wrote: »
    greek yogurt, hands down. that *kitten* is so nasty.

    for me it depends on the brand. I can not stomach chobani, but love dannon light & fit, and Oikos
  • missemmibelle
    missemmibelle Posts: 100 Member
    Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar.

    Or anything with Erythritol. It tastes like poison.
  • Kelkat405
    Kelkat405 Posts: 166 Member
    Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough protein bar.

    Or anything with Erythritol. It tastes like poison.

    I tried the quest bars...I usually can power through things I don’t like but this one I threw in the trash after two small bites.
  • cmh308
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    Quest Bars. Blegh. The sweetener and chalkiness is terrible I really don't understand the love for them.
    Shirataki noodles and kale. No thanks.
  • DX2JX2
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    Cauliflower fried rice is probably the most disgusting thing that i made. I had meal prepped an entire week of it too and had to choke it down. Never again.

    I sometimes use cauliflower rice to bulk up regular rice. It works pretty well for this purpose but I agree that I can't use it 1:1 as a substitute for the real thing.
  • lemmie177
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    Aaron_K123 wrote: »
    Wasn't really on a "journey to a healthier me" or anything but fermented soy beans from Korea. Literally rotting to the point they were slimy and coated with this mucous stuff.

    Same here! I only know this as 'natto' in Japanese cuisine. Its the worst!
  • amyteacake
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    Cauliflower rice. I love cauliflower. I love rice. But I hated trying to have cauliflower rice. I might have made it wrong, but it was not nice
  • acbraswell
    acbraswell Posts: 238 Member
    Coconut anything. Blech! Not even a bottle of rum can make coconut taste better to me!
  • dsboohead
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    ACK :s ACK GAG......Quinoa, bulgur, brown pasta!
    <3 ...couscous, polenta, dreamfields pasta!
    I tolerate brown rice.
  • butterfli7o
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    I tried microwave zucchini noodles. The kind in a steambag you just throw in the microwave. Way too watery and mushy.
  • LifeWithPie
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    Kombucha....that stuff is NASTY.
  • fuzzylop72
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  • RachelElser
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    JCam8383 wrote: »
    Today I made Quinoa for the first time... BARF!!

    to me, it's that texture. I don't like that or tapioca, or bubble tea.

    I tried collard greens for the first time in years, and still found it disgustingly appalling.
  • whitpauly
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    JCam8383 wrote: »
    Today I mad :# e Quinoa for the first time... BARF!!

    This is what I was gonna post when I read the title! Reminds me of stuffed animal filling!
  • singingflutelady
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    Vega protein powder, coconut water
  • cwolfman13
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    I haven't tried or eaten anything that I haven't eaten in the past. I've always like a wide variety of foods, both nutritious and not so nutritious.

    We were into quinoa way before quinoa was cool from a trip to Peru where it is a staple.