One week

Just starting in my journey to being healthier. Today marks my first full week of having successfully tracked all my food and exercise. It sounds so small, but previously if I chose poorly I’d just ignore it and not come back. This week I stayed the course, even when the family decided to go to a local pizza joint. I can be a bottomless pit for pizza but stopped after 3 slices AND recorded them as faithfully as I could. That’s big for me.

Just thought I’d put it out there.



  • Good for you! Eating with family is the WORST. At least my family. If they see me trying to make good food choices there an endless amount of banter about it - and not in a positive way. We just have to keep doing it for us because we're the only ones who live with the reward or consequences.
  • melanieandjason
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    Good job!! I started a week ago today also. I worked out 4x the past week, compared to 0x for the past 3 or more years. I'm terrible at tracking my food, so I only did that once last week. But I have already tracked everything today! We can do this!
  • tcmc1989
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    this is awesome!
  • kelMee2
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    Hi, I’m on day 23 and I’ve found that I’m making better choices because I know I’m logging it and can’t deny it when it’s there in black and white. Well done on the pizza, I love pizza would quite happily have it daily hence my reason for avoiding it the last 3 weeks due to lack of willpower, I don’t think I could stop at 3 slices
  • missysippy930
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    I have pizza frequently, but stop at 2 slices, and have switched to veggie pizza only for toppings. I don't miss the meat at all.