Hello! I'm new here and have really struggled with weight loss on a vegetarian diet (as bizarre as that might sound). My go-to foods are packed with carbs because my diet is heavy on breads rather than meats. Any other vegetarians who want to be friends and support each other with meal ideas? A fruit and vegetable diet is hard to stick to, but processed fake meats aren't good for us either? How do I balance it??? I'd love to hear from you vegetarians/vegans!


  • janejellyroll
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    You can lose weight while eating a moderate or high carbohydrate diet, you just have to meet your calorie goal. That said, if most of your calories are coming from bread, you may struggle to meet your nutritional needs. I would suggest checking out some other ways to get some calories including vegetables, beans, tofu/tempeh, seitan, nuts/seeds, and other grain products besides bread (rice, oats, pasta, etc). Vegetarians can eat so much more than just fruits, vegetables, and bread!

    Meat substitutes aren't bad for you. Many of us find them to be tasty, nutritious, and convenient. What specifically worries you about them?
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    A huge go-to meal for me is normally brown rice or quinoa or couscous with some veggies and tofu! Once you learn to make tofu where you enjoy it, then it is so bomb! I would chose tofu hands down over meat any day of the week! If you eat eggs then eggs with spinach and mushrooms is delicious as well. Lets see what else. If you like cauliflower then cauliflower fried rice is great. Black bean burgers with whole wheat bun or lettuce wrapped with homemade sweet potato fries and veggies are a great family dinner for us. I hope this helps a little bit. Processed fake meats, are not bad as long as you eat them in moderation. I definitely would not eat them like every meal, but personally I normally eat them two- three times a week and try my best to eat whole foods the rest of the time.
  • Thanks, guys! I've never been much of a cook so I often do the "grab an apple" kind of meal. And the meat subs I do get are things like quorn and morning star which seem to have high sodium and other not-so-great things. I guess I need to start cooking tofu, but really my kitchen is only ever used for the refrigerator. I guess new skills need to be learned..