What do you listen to /watch while working out?

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I usually watch something while I work out and it helps me workout longer! Any other suggestions ?
Only 15 more pounds to go!


  • gambit8674
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    I can't watch anything while working out. I get too sidetracked. But I alternate between hip-hop and metal. Gives me a little boost.
  • sardelsa
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    Sometimes I have music videos on in the background, but I'm not watching them, maybe in between sets.. or unless I'm doing steady cardio.
  • scorpio516
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    If I tried to watch something, I'd trip.

    On the trainer, I would have Hulu or Netflix going. Nothing subtitled, I can't read while trying to hit specific wattages.

    On the streets, Ive got an array of mp3s on a SanDisk clip - dnb, metal, classic rock - for running.
    Biking, I'll stash my phone in a jersey pocket and usually play my discover weekly Spotify playlist.
  • JetJaguar
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    Lately I've been listening to old-time radio shows I've downloaded to my phone from archive.org. My favorites are "Have Gun, Will Travel", "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", "Nick Carter, Master Detective", "The Shadow", and "X Minus One".
  • sandy_taylor13
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    When I hit the street I hit Spotify All out 80s. Yep, gotta take me back to Jr/high school with the tunes. Sometimes I'll get some 90s too.
  • Cbean08
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    Depends on my mood and what I'm doing. Usually it's some form of EDM. I like a good beat to move to.
  • djeffreys10
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    I'm big on Hollywood Undead right now. Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed. Anything heavy and angry.
  • Lean59man
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    Today was "Alice in Chains".
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
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    Yoga pants >:)
  • lar25473
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    Right now I'm obsessed with the Black Panther album by Kendrick Lamar <3
  • toshjohn30
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    Okiludy wrote: »
    Music - punk, metal, or rap.

    Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch
    War is the Answer - FFDP
    Blackened - Metallica
    The Frayed Ends of Sanity - Metallica
    Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
    F**ck with Dre Day - Dr. Dre
    Mouth for War - Pantera
    In da Club - 50 Cents
    Not Afraid - Eminem
    Party Up - D.M.X.
    Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
    Redneck - Lamb of God
    Mother - Danzig

    You get the picture. I like lifting angry as rest of day I'm a big teddy bear.

    Nice selection, Okiludy!
    I also prefer to get my exercise done while rocking an angry playlist. One of my favorite playlists right now inculdes 5FDP, Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, In This Moment, and Rage Against the Machine. Sometimes I have to check myself though because I get a little caught up in the music, and moshing in the gym is probably frowned upon :smile:
  • L1zardQueen
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    I run outside, streets and roads. No headphones or music for me. I take in all the sounds. I listen for traffic, watch cars and other people, and spend that time ‘unplugged’. My only electronic is the garmin on my wrist. I don’t take my phone.

    Even those times I’m forced to a treadmill, I don’t use headphones. I like to watch people. They’re interesting when they think no one is watching.

    I guess I’m old fashioned as it comes to that. Birds, dogs, wind, car horns.... all part of my run.

    This! I’m old fashioned too! I would have missed the bald eagle, last week, perched high.
  • bobbiestokes1
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    I fast walked 3 miles and watched friends
  • mamashakesit
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    I don't think I could read or watch TV while I'm working out, although I was on an elliptic that stared right at the TV today, so I did read a bit of the CC on the school shooting.

    I like an eclectic mix of music, so long as it's mostly uptempo. Usually iTunes on shuffle...today I ran across Rage, Van Morrison, Cage the Elephant, Etta James, the Cars, Howlin' Wolf (surprisingly good workout music), System of a Down, Hendrix...to name a few.

    I have always loathed running, but suddenly took to running 45 minutes on the treadmill (usually close to 4 miles) about twice a week. I have yet to run outside; it's too icy here anyhow, but I'm going to be quite self conscience about it, I imagine. But if (when) I do, I wonder if I will want the headphones on, or if I will be like the previous posters who like to listen to the sounds of nature. When I hike, I find music very disruptive; when I go out for a neighborhood walk, I like it.
  • jessef593
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    Coheed and Cambria
    The offspring
    Theory of a deadman
    Wiz kalifa
    Dj khaleed
    Lil Wayne
    System of a down
    Jay Z
    Rag n bone man

    List goes on.
  • raiders34
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    Tupac and anything from 90’s even 80’s R&b, listen to it all however I’m feeling that day. Also depends on the weather. Lol
  • __TMac__
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    Outside: Nothing.

    Indoor bike: Podcasts, either work or fitness related.

    Treadmill, easy run=More podcasts.

    Treadmill, structured workout=Music with an appropriate cadence.

    Race warm-up=Music. Current list includes Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, Metallica, Pharrell, random 80’s techno.
  • MelanieCN77
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    For machine cardio recently I watched Wynonna Earp, Deadwood, new episodes of Blacklist as they come up, all kinds.