Too easy or too soon?

Hi all. I'm very new to exercise, I'm overweight and fairly unfit and have just joined a gym. The pt has written me out a card to follow which has some cardio, some machine work and some free weights. First day I did it I couldn't finish, second third and forth I just got through most of it then had two days off. Went in this morning and almost breezed through it with minimal effort. Now I know I'm not that much stronger/ fitter in a week so I'm putting it down to an increase in confidence in doing the exercises and improvement in technique. My question is should I make it harder now or do I need time for my joints etc to strengthen first? They do a review in four weeks but don't want to slack if it's too easy but don't want injures becase I rushed it being impatient! Any help appreciated thank you x


  • merbear787
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    Maybe try to increase your weights on the machines just by 5 pounds and see if it's more challenging for you I would also try to challenge yourself during your cardio. Are you on a treadmill or elliptical? Try to increase the resistance more than last time on the cardio machines here too. That should help challenge you but stay within the doctor's recommendations :)
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    Congratulations on getting into a routine. Consistency is the most important thing in make lifestyle changes!

    See how it feels a few more times, yet. Hormones, mood and a number of other factors can affect performance on a day to day basis and you need to learn what is right for your body.
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    Thank you, I do a bike as a warm up and did have to increase that as I was going too fast and my feet kept coming off the pedals and also do some treadmill work which I've increased the incline as flat made me unbalanced. I have loose joints so although I'm not under a doctor I don't want to rush the build up of weight if there are unseen body parts that need to be given more time to strengthen , I'm not too great on how the body works So don't know if there are complications as such!
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    Go slow. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
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    You breezed through it with minimal effort? Sure, add some weight so it's a bit of a challenge. Fast "newbie gains" are normal initially, for the reasons you said.

    By the way, if your workout is full-body, i'd choose a warmup that moves all the joints, like the rowing machine. An elliptical can work if you actively push & pull with your arms. Then do a light warmup set of each strength exercise before your regular sets.

    By the way #2 - if i had loose joints, i'd eventually transition to a freewight-based strength program, so the stabilizer muscles that support your joints can get a workout too. The pinned post in this forum lists some good freeweight programs. :+1:
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    Make it a little bit harder than last time. This is progressive overload. It can happen quickly for beginners.
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    Thanks everyone x I'll try a tiny bit more today x