Staying motivated

Hi there I'm just getting started once again but I really struggle to stay motivated. When I go to gym I get discouraged by all the fit girls and start to lose motivation. I really need help keeping on track to finally reach my happy healthy goal


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    You can exercise other places other than a gym. There are lots of good home exercise videos on YouTube or on DVD from your library. You can walk or run. You can climb stairs. There are lots of great body-weight exercises. Google "Convict Conditioning."

    Also, weight loss is all about the food. Log everything every day even if it is a day you go off-plan. Make adjustments as needed. Weight loss happens in the kitchen.
  • *kitten* yes to renting dvds from your library *librarian approved*
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    ETA: also, fit people were very often unfit people at one point...I was one. And really, in pretty much any gym I've ever been in, there are more unfit people trying to better themselves than super fit you're in good company.
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    Only gauge yourself and your progress, don't compare, soon you will start seeing a difference in yourself and I promise you that will motivate you. I used to look at others that way, but now I look at them from a learning perspective, to see what exercises I can do. Now I'm a guy, but we look at each other just like girls. You will get there. I am starting to see myself slowly transforming (a lot) over the past 60 days... Stick to your eating plan and make it a religion going to the gym...YOU can do it !!
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    Going for a walk in a park or a hike somewhere is something I've found very helpful. I usually bump into older folks or dog walkers, not too many overly fit people. Just put my headphones in, smile and go!! I enjoy the time in nature and the reflection time I get.
    Swimming early in the morning is also good because it's mainly over 60s and I feel they're not judging; theyre old, wise and happy.

    Don't worry too much about other people, they might be very far in their own journey too :)
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    All the fit chicks started somewhere too, and most of them are just happy to see you are there getting in shape. As for keeping motivation going I would reccomend getting yourself some support from either accountability partners, a coach, or some other group of likeminded people
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    put invisible blinders up like a race horse. Focus on your own journey and not worry about how the others are doing when you're at the gym
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    Hi, I have never been in a gym just because I’m so self conscious, my exercise normally consists of walking, using resistance bands and cleaning. I think it’s so easy to look at others and compare yourself but remember there may be others out there who look at you and hope to one day lose enough weight to be your size. I had never thought about that until my sister in law pointed it out x