Started MFP 6/1/17 & I've lost 91lbs

Hi, my name is Jenn. I'm 35, a wife and momma of 4 littles. I started here 6/1/17, logged every day and I'm down 91lbs and would love to lose another 15-20lbs. This last bit if weight has been the hardest. Just discovered today you can have friends here!!


  • Welcome to forums! Your success is inspiring!
  • getskinny1973
    getskinny1973 Posts: 74 Member
    Amazing job!!! I am a single Mom with 5 and it's hard to find the time to stay healthy and fit. Good for you!!!

    I'll be your friend.

    Congrats on your loss, you must feel amazing!!
  • skimninja
    skimninja Posts: 27 Member
    A huge congratulations on your hard work!!!
  • Jenniferakajacel311
    Jenniferakajacel311 Posts: 160 Member
    That's an amazing accomplishment! I wish you all the best health and wellness on your journey :smile: