How to get in shape without getting heart rate up?

I am having health problems that will hopefully be fixed with surgery within the next few months. Until then, I would like to lose 10 pounds and get in shape the best I can since the healing time is long, and I don't want my body to turn into mush. However, I cannot get my heart rate up more than 100 bpm and even that is pushing it. I also can't do light walking for long. My step goal is 4,000-6,000 steps a day currently.

I have been doing a little bit of pilates and tried doing a short weights routine the other day, but made myself sick. I am going to try again soon and do an even shorter weights routine.

Does anybody have any exercise suggestions that will help me build muscle without getting my heart rate up?


  • DumbledoresPhoenix
    DumbledoresPhoenix Posts: 27 Member
    I also want to gain muscle, so I won't get extremely weak during recovery.