Eating out and still lose weight

Anyone do this? And what are you fav healthy places to eat and what do you order??


  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I do, just not as much. I like Panera and chipotle for reasonable calories but it's all about what fits for you. My son loves McDonald's and when we go I get the 6 piece kids meal. Less calories, he gets two toys, so win win
  • DomesticKat
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    I still eat fast food and from restaurants. I just try to make choices about what foods provide the most volume for the lowest calorie expense because many of those foods tend to be calorie dense and not worth it as far as satiation goes for me. So for example, if I get a burger calorie bomb, I'm going to get a salad on the side with a light dressing and no cheese. If I have fish or whatever entree, I'm going to choose lower calorie sides so I can have dessert too. Not everyone is a volume eater like me so ultimately it comes down to just choosing options that fit into your calorie goals. You can lose weight eating anything as long as you stick to a deficit.
  • xLyric
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    I just log it like normal. Popular chains make it easy since they probably have calorie information available, but if not it's not that hard to find an equivalent in the system. Sometimes if I know I'm going to have my favorite meal at a Mexican restaurant I like, which I know is pretty much a day's worth of calories in one plate, I'll just plan to only eat that for the day, or shave off some calories during the rest of the week. If you want it, don't deprive yourself, just make it work for your own calorie limits.
  • lorrpb
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    I focus on salad, fruit, veggies and protein. Limit carbs and alcohol an dessert because those things can pile on the calories. I've also had to get used to leaving food on my plate , or taking half home with me. It can be a challenge if you like to eat out very often.
  • MrsLengares2015
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    I eat out often. My husband is a stick that likes to eat LOL. If we go someplace I always try to stick to chicken or fish and nothing fried either vegetables or salad dressing on the side. Every once in awhile have french fries. It's not hard to find just about anything on any menu that's good for you. I have lost 40lbs so far and we eat out at least 3 times a week.
  • ITUSGirl51
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    I eat out sometimes, usually on the weekend. My husband and I will go out to breakfast at a local place and I have an egg, one bacon, one English muffin and one pancake with one tablespoon of real maple syrup and no butter. Also have coffee with a tablespoon of half and half. I’ve been doing this pretty much since i started losing with MFP and I’m down 65 lbs with 3.5 more to my goal weight.

    I also like Jasons Deli and Chick-fil-A (no waffle fries). We occasionally go to Grub Burger or Five Guys and I will have just a plain burger with no fries. I just count the calories. It’s around 550 for a Five Guys single burger with no mayo or ketchup.

    I bring my lunch to work and eat at home weekdays so the calorie counting is more accurate than eating out.
  • jasondjulian
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    Of course I eat out, this is 21st century America, how can I NOT?! lol.

    The thing is fitting the calories consumed in the meal into my daily targets.. if I go over, then I need to accept a lower deficit or adjust somewhere else within the week.

    If possible, I like to choose lighter dishes than I did before I started losing weight, and I'll choose things with more flavor but less calories whenever possible. I also RARELY get "soda" for my beverage anymore since it's so easy to drink down 500 calories of coke. I want to... but I have been good about not doing it.

    I'd rather eat 500 more calories and enjoy that, then slug down two 20oz refills of pop (yes, I'm from Michigan, we call it pop, not soda).
  • kenyonhaff
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    Ideally you try to find your best options ahead of time. Many chain restaurants have calorie calculators.

    For example, McDonald's: (But there are plenty for other restaurants like Subway and Domino's pizza, too.)

    So if you're going to McDonald's and they don't post the calorie count you can get a sense of your best options. And once you do this for a while you get a pretty good sense of your go-to items. (For me at McDonald's it's the Egg McMuffin, or a grilled chicken sandwich, or the Southwest Salad with a Diet Coke, steal just a few fries from someone.)
  • missysippy930
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    Subway, veggies on wheat with red wine vinegar no cheese
    Papa Murphys, veggie delite with spinach, bell pepper, mixed onions, black olives and red sauce
    Dairy Queen, grilled chicken sandwich plain
    Applebees, grilled chicken and steamed veggies

    Don't eat out much, get take out from the above when I do.
  • endermako
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    I just fit it into my goals. I had chipotle on Sunday :)
  • mjglantz
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    I did not eat out as much when I started losing weight because even though I checked the menu it is still hard to know exactly what I'm eating. Now in maintenance I rarely have breakfast or lunch out and keep dinners out at a minimum. Tend to plan what I'm going to eat in advance and that works most of the time. There are always healthy or healthier options in most restaurants.
  • briscogun
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    I just find that I have to try and plan ahead if I can. If I know I'm going out and (hopefully) I know where I look at the menu ahead of time and hope there is some nutritional info available. If not, I try to find something I know that I can track reasonably accurately that will be okay, like a small sirloin or grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies or a salad, etc.

    If not just wing it, track it as best you can, and enjoy! One meal out every so often won't derail your entire week.
  • Saaski
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    If a menu is available online, I choose what I'm eating ahead of time and prelog it. Helps me avoid impulse decisions that I haven't prepared for.
  • emcclure013
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    We typically eat out 2-3 times per week and I've lost over 60lbs. Eat smaller portions and check the calorie counts ahead of time to make it possible to fit into your daily calorie goals. Easy as that!
  • ashliedelgado
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    We still go out at least once a week, and I employ all of the strategies above. Sometimes I chose a lower calorie option and enjoy it all, sometimes I get something calorie dense and take half for lunch the next day. I drink diet soda, water, or coffee.
  • MegaMooseEsq
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    I eat out regularly and am almost 50 pounds down over 15 months. Unlike a lot of the posters above, I usually go to places that don't post nutrition online. I usually just look for an equivalent item at a chain restaurant and log that, always with a heavy hand toward over-estimating. If I know in advance where I'm going I often look up the menu online and pick something out to log in advance. I don't necessarily aim for low-calorie options, but cycle my calories through the week so that I can afford to go over. That said, I've fit plenty of stuff into my standard calorie goal. Sushi is great if you avoid fried stuff or heavy sauces. Salads are hit or miss depending on how cheese and meat heavy they are, but Subway is generally pretty easy to manage. Keeping portions small can be a challenge - I order off of the apps menu a lot, or try and split an entree with someone. If I really want pasta or something like that, I usually take at least half home for lunches.

    So in short, plan ahead, watch your portions, and remember that restaurant food is often high in salt and expect a pound or five bump on the scale for a day or four.
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    alexmose wrote: »
    Anyone do this? And what are you fav healthy places to eat and what do you order??

    Sure people do this daily. McDonald's is my favorite healthy place to eat because of they have the best coffee deal in town for seniors. I just make sure what I order does not contain any added sugars and/or any form of any grain. I have been Keto/LCHF for going on four years reversing serious health issues that developed over the past 40 years of High Carb High Fat WOE.

    By the way their new fresh meat 1/4 pound beef patty they are phasing in over time are AWESOME to my taste buds!