exercise4less gym reviews uk

Hi, Can't get PT at my local gym, they're just not interested, won't get out of bed to do it. Doing Insanity but now can't do this at my current gym so reverted to home. I'd like to join another gym and have seen exercise4less locally. The gym equipment looks great, fees are lower. However internet reviews state bad bad things about trying to exit your 12 month membership, and they've even been on watchdog.
Has anyone anything to add please? I don't want to get stung.


  • watts6151
    watts6151 Posts: 898 Member
    Exercises4less is one of the gyms I use,
    Pretty standard commercial gym, good
    Range of machines, free weights and a few
    Lifting platforms, they either do a standard
    12 month contract for around £12pm or
    You can pay monthly with no contract for around
  • minniestar55
    minniestar55 Posts: 346 Member
    I didn’t have good experience with them, but others like them. Just get all details in advance in writing about how to terminate your contract.
  • amluckhurst
    amluckhurst Posts: 40 Member
    Thanks for your help. I looked at their equipment and it look like perfect. I had a conversation with them this morning about my concerns regarding exit after 12 months. As you say, be mindful of the exit proceedure and they promise it will be OK.
    I appreciate your replies.