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Herbalife - your thoughts



  • GOT_ObsessedGOT_Obsessed Member Posts: 817 Member Member Posts: 817 Member
    dannosaur wrote: »
    TR0berts wrote: »
    Think of a horse.

    Now think of the mess the horse leaves behind when it's finished digesting and processing its food.

    That's Herbalife.


    The proper term is male bovine manure.

    Horses are equines

    But a male cow is a "bull"


    No such thing as a male cow. Unless there is some kind of gender issue happening. Cows are female.

    Ok, I worded it poorly. Sorry. A male bovine is a bull.
  • dsbooheaddsboohead Member Posts: 1,900 Member Member Posts: 1,900 Member
    Where'd she go???
  • jennifer_417jennifer_417 Member Posts: 12,348 Member Member Posts: 12,348 Member
    Organic doesn't affect weight loss. The only component any food has that affects weight is calories, and the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer of them than you burn.
  • SmithsonianEmpressSmithsonianEmpress Member Posts: 1,163 Member Member Posts: 1,163 Member
    I used it in the past and loved it. Then I realized it was getting too expensive and I couldn’t keep up with it long term and that I could make my own meal replacement shakes at home. That’s what I do now.

    As a cancer survivor I’m not sure if your team told you are not but I believe they prefer you get all you can get from food first and supplement only if necessary.
  • JaxxieKatJaxxieKat Member Posts: 427 Member Member Posts: 427 Member
  • genchiyugenchiyu Member Posts: 244 Member Member Posts: 244 Member
    Be careful with products like Herbalife. They cost more than it should. Look at the ingredients they put in their products as well. I've seen people I know experience body pain after buying their products. It's a scam. Make your own shakes for $50 less.
  • amberellen12amberellen12 Member Posts: 248 Member Member Posts: 248 Member
    I watched a news documentary about this and what a scam! Run don't walk away from it!!!!!
  • Duchy82Duchy82 Member Posts: 558 Member Member Posts: 558 Member
    Tried it before I found mfp, the only thing it made lighter was my purse. OP just eat what you are eating now, just less. No gimmicks or special foods are needed.
  • PowerliftingMomPowerliftingMom Member Posts: 430 Member Member Posts: 430 Member
    Don't waste your money! The only one who benefits from Herbalife are the CEO's!
  • Poisonedpawn78Poisonedpawn78 Member Posts: 1,146 Member Member Posts: 1,146 Member
    It actually boggles my mind that MLS would allow them to sponsor the LA Galaxy knowing they are a full on scam.
  • AnvilHeadAnvilHead Member Posts: 18,515 Member Member Posts: 18,515 Member
    It actually boggles my mind that MLS would allow them to sponsor the LA Galaxy knowing they are a full on scam.

    Never underestimate the power of money. Especially lots of money.
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