Weightloss reward(s)?

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I've been eating a raw vegan diet for 17 days. As an incentive, I've set up weekly (non-food related) rewards for when I hit a milestone (weight lost, days, etc). What are your rewards?

04/15 (30 day milestone) - Fitbit Aria
05/27 (70 day milestone/176lb goal) - Tattoo


  • cee134
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    Go to the theater.

    Do something fun.

  • cee134
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    I also like the dollar in the jar every time you meet a small goal (like lose a pound) so you have money to do something fun when you hit a big goal.
  • PixelPuff
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    I did tattoos per pounds of loss.

    25lbs? First tattoo! Small tat on chest.

    50lbs? Second tattoo! Full-color tat on my hip.

    75lbs? Third tattoo! Wings on upper back!

    100lbs? Nothing because I got lazy.

    Maintaining for a year? Pure laziness still. I want to keep them out of sight for work clothes, too, so gotta plan well.

    ... Next tat will be Star Trek related, though. For my late Dad. Need to plan on where to put it...
  • T0M_K
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    I just treat myself to what ever I want whenever I want and reward myself for weight loss with not dying prematurely and not being a fat piece of *kitten*.

    :) no nonsense! haha.

    Are you eating the "Raw Vegan Diet" for 17 days cuz you want to eat the Raw Vegan Diet for the rest of your life?

    Because the best reward you can give yourself is to eat exactly in a manner that you intend to eat for the rest of your life so that you can "not die prematurely as a fat piece of *kitten*."

    weight loss happens with eating less. you can actually lose eating anything you want. in the proper quantities. jus sayin. the problem I have/had is that when we eat a special diet, we don't learn to eat normal so off the diet and on comes the pounds again. something to think about.