I’m struggling to avoid fatty snacks! What do you have as an alternative and what quick healthy meals do you have for dinner? I miss chocolate and pizza :#


  • bandb678
    bandb678 Posts: 104 Member
    A healthy snack I use is baby carrots with hummus or a Greek yogurt
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    I don't really snack, and I eat normal meals for dinner - meat/fish, rice/pasta/potatoes, vegs. I don't deny myself, but I don't have treats all the time, so when I do, I pick what I want the most.
  • XMetalMomX
    XMetalMomX Posts: 15 Member
    I have a desk job, so I have this problem in a huge way. It helps me to have a snack ready to go at a certain time. For me, it's usually a yogurt or one of those "Kind" granola bars.