NSV(non-scale victory) + NSF(non-scale failure lol)

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I posted this in the FB group but I am happy so sharing here too.

So I am a mom of 3 and I rarely get myself new anything...I finally had to get pants. I got a 16, 14 and 12 to try on kind of laughing at the 12 but assuming I would be a 16 or even bigger. I tried the 12 first to get it out of the way and it was loose! After being in a wheelchair in 2016 I was the biggest I have ever been by the end of the year and a 16 and I have went down 4+ sizes! I was able to buy a 12 AND a 10 :) AND an XS shirt and it fit nicely just form fitting (I have a pretty small defined waist despite having a big lower belly lol).

Now for the NSF - my heavens those fitting room lights are CRUEL! I should have started strength training MONTHS ago because I look like jabba the hutts unattractive little sister. Lol. I have cellulite for days enough to build a moat and fill it up on the back of my thighs and my behind, I swear to all heck lol. BUT at least my shape is somewhat nice otherwise and I haven't lost my booty or curves with the 60-70lb I lost so I figure that I have SOMETHING to work with right? Lol. Not an entirely lost cause? haha. But yeah just not good!

Still smiling about the 10-12 though :) AND I bought an 8-10 capri jegging because I am an optimist. lol. My birthday is Friday and now I have pants to wear with NO HOLES where it does not look like I can scratch my back of my knees with my buttocks (because they were so baggy LOL)