What's your occupation ?



  • mhdashler
    mhdashler Posts: 103 Member
    Governmental accountant. I did a similar job during my 24 years of active duty in the Air Force. Pretty boring now, but had a great time on active duty and have been to some really cool places.
  • TomFit18
    TomFit18 Posts: 2,562 Member
    I am a brain surgeon.... not a good one but I can fix a knee!!! But hey I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
    Seriously now.... I work for a lumberyard that supplies material for new houses! we do over 200 houses a year!
  • robhunt25
    robhunt25 Posts: 54 Member
  • vikiwx
    vikiwx Posts: 15 Member
    Digital marketing and advertising.
  • kerrimiller2018
    kerrimiller2018 Posts: 31 Member
    Molecular biologist for the state’s public health laboratory
  • TheRoadDog
    TheRoadDog Posts: 11,800 Member
    Planner / Scheduler in a Steel Foundry
  • pudgy1977
    pudgy1977 Posts: 13,503 Member
    I run the EEO department at a construction company, waitress at a sports bar, and single Mom.
  • Follow_me
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    pudgy1977 wrote: »
    I run the EEO department at a construction company, waitress at a sports bar, and single Mom.

    And a damn good at it too!!
  • sw33tp3a1
    sw33tp3a1 Posts: 5,067 Member
    I take care of tiny little humans
  • cee134
    cee134 Posts: 33,764 Member
    I tell people they can't do stuff and then fix it when they do it anyway.
  • princess7955
    princess7955 Posts: 1,277 Member
    I tell people they can't do stuff, then have uncomfortable meetings with they do it anyway.
  • AusAshMommy
    AusAshMommy Posts: 845 Member
    Work at a Pharmaceutical Co in the Report Gen Dept collecting Data for the PM's to send to clients
  • MichelleWithMoxie
    MichelleWithMoxie Posts: 1,819 Member
    secret agent.
  • hud54014
    hud54014 Posts: 3,777 Member
    previously an IT project manager, now an environmental and land use analyst
  • MrSith
    MrSith Posts: 1,636 Member
    Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • andreaen
    andreaen Posts: 366 Member
    Student (Master in AI) and online fitness coach. Planning to try and live off my coaching once I finish my studies, but I'll have the computer science to fall back on if the money won't come
  • cfgreear
    cfgreear Posts: 185 Member
    Im the only on site IT guy for a 3 campus school. And occasionally I help them guide creepers off of the grounds and help people feel safe.