New around here..

Hi, I’m Tom. 24 years old from the U.K.
Last year suffered a terrible open tibia/fibia fracture which tore my calf muscle and gave me an embolism in my lung - almost lost my leg. Due to this long recovery (7 ops and months of rehabilitating) I have put on a substantial amount of weight (immobility and depression where big factors in this).

Anyway, I’ve decided the time has come - I’m going on a journey from 18 St to 14 St by November 16 2018.

Would love some regular people to catch up with who have similar goals.



  • Rach7671
    Rach7671 Posts: 45 Member
    Hi and welcome. Just wondering what the deadline is for, a special occasion, holiday etc? Good luck on your journey, MFP is amazing and really easy to use.
  • mikeeboy07
    mikeeboy07 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey buddy welcome, im a newbie on here too also from uk, lets smash it
  • MidnightSkittles
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    Hello I am also new here
    My Name Laura and I'm from Sutton, UK