Doing Cardio Causes Weight Gain?



  • Sp1tfire
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    Nope. The only thing it could cause is temporary water weight gain in some people.
  • mutantspicy
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    When it comes to body composition, the only thing cardio does is shift your water weight from your short fast twitch muscles to your slow long twitch muscles. But that takes a long time.
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    Congratulations on making my top 5 worst questions of the week!

    Doing Cardio Causes Weight Gain?
    Is the earth flat?
    Is the sun revolving around the earth?
    Was the latest mass shooting in the united states just a false flag operation?
    How can the UK honestly view their healthcare as better than that of the US?

    The phrase "false flag" causes me to secrete cortisol. This is so meta.
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    Yeah...just check out these fatties...



    Exercise that is newly introduced will cause your muscles to hold onto water to aid in repair...that's about it. Yes, exercise is a stressor which is why it's important to introduce it slowly and feed it's not really an issue if you're getting proper rest and recovery...crashing your diet and then doing a bunch of exercise on top of that and not getting rest and recovery will raise cortisol levels and impede fat loss. Done properly, it's not an issue.

    I think possibly you didn't get the whole picture and are maybe taking some things out of context.