New to my fitness Pal

Hi Im new to my fitness Pal, I had a baby last year and although knowing I had put weight on, I was shocked when I weighed myself on Monday. Signed up to my fitness Pal hoping to start losing the weight I have gained plus more. Any help appreciated, thanx


  • nvaughn17
    nvaughn17 Posts: 5 Member
    We can do this together, mama! I am trying to drop that baby weight, too!
  • jcimmino
    jcimmino Posts: 6 Member
    Hi, how much are you hoping to lose?
  • eprybs
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    Hey Everyone- I'm not "new" to my fitness pal. I joined in 2012 after having my first child. I've been yo-yo dieting ever since. I'm really ready to drop weight now and make a lifestyle change for good. I have Hoshimotos which has made dieting difficult in the past but I've gotten my meds fine tuned and I've already lost 11lbs! I'm doing a low-carb diet and counting calories. I'm also following along with BBG. If anyone is interested in a support friend- send me a request! :) I'm looking to lose a total of 30lbs.
  • jcimmino
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    I'm hoping to lose about 60lbs in total, but will settle for 30 to start with. my last pregnancy brought alot of stress so i comfort ate, wanting to get on top of it and lose the weight I put on this last year.
  • Rach7671
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    Welcome! I am looking to lose a similar amount to you. If you want to add me as a friend on here for support feel free :)
  • kelMee2
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    Feel free to add me, I’m hoping to lose roughly 40-50lbs overall, I’ve waved goodbye to 10lbs so far so making progress and happy to help motivate and be motivated.