Fajita wrap 'pasty'

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Does anyone use wraps to do anything else with other than wrap food? I have discovered the joys of making them into pasties and baking them in the oven and they are delicious. Tonights is potato, baked beans and low fat mature cheddar and I literally cannot wait to sit down and enjoy it later.


  • livingleanlivingclean
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    How do you make them stick together?

    I've used them for pizza base, cut them in to triangles and baked as pita chips, used them for quesadilla...

    ETA, your filling was my favourite dinner for about 5 years, I ate a baked potato with baked beans and cheese nearly every night when I was in primary school
  • Rach7671
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    I always just brush the edge with beaten egg then it sticks when you fold it, just use the prongs of a fork to press them gently down together and it seems to stay really well.
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    Mmmm! Sounds delicious