Tips to lose the last 5-7 pounds?

Any suggestions, besides the obvious one of tracking every morsel of food? I have done that but am too hungry to stick with a deficit. Exercising is making me even hungrier! I’ve been back at it since January and haven’t lost anything (I originally lost 20 pounds from Aug. 16-October 17. Thanks! And would love to hear from people that were able to drop the last chub.


  • quiksylver296
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    When you say "tracking every morsel of food" does that mean you use a food scale?

    The closer you get to goal, the better you're gonna have to be about actually hitting your calorie allowance. No room for sloppy logging/measuring.

  • jennifer_417
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    Patience, mostly.

  • GirlVersusFat
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    I'm wondering the same thing because I feel like I've been trying to lose my last 10 for months
  • Biker_SuzCO
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    I tracked carefully, weighing food and didn't go over my calorie allowance. at all. ever. Walking is my primary exercise. I didn't log it at all under 5000 steps.

    Not what I wanted to hear but truth.
  • RoxieDawn
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    Make your calories work for you and stretch them as far and wide as you can. I do track my cals fairly meticulously, its the only way to know for sure I am in a deficit.

    Here is what I have done. I have some fat to shed and I hate being in a cals deficit. This time I decreased calories slowly as I am in no hurry, so I cut 100 for a couple of weeks. The third week I cut another 100. The fourth week 50 more to reach the .5 week rate of loss.

    Another thing you can do is couple your small deficit with volume foods and working with your macro ratios to give satiety to help you feel fuller longer. Protein for me is super satiating and if I add in healthy fats and fiber I am good until the next meal time.

    Exercise doesn't have to be high impact, but what ever exercise you decide to do you can eat these back, or of course don't exercise at all. I strength train and do a little running, but I have been very comfortable and I am losing.
  • CarvedTones
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    The best reason to do no exercise is that you can be sure you didn't log too many calories for it. Long stalls happen when logging doesn't match reality for food, exercise and/or baseline.