Trader Joe’s suggestions



  • becarrah
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    I liked this article I found in the blog:
    It helped me to easily locate some "healthier" items. I could not find the cauliflower fried rice though. Will look for that next time.
  • CaliMomTeach
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    Frozen organic brown rice
    Reduced guilt mac-n-cheese
    Seaweed (for my kids, not me)
    Puffins cereal (kids)-cheaper than everywhere else
    Steel cut oatmeal
    Mushroom fettichini (fresh packaged food section)
    So many salads-they are so good- I just do half the dressing
    Chocolate cat cookies
    Organic boneless skinless chicken breast
    Wild salmon
    chicken picatta (fresh packaged food section)
    Vegetable spring rolls
    Reduced Guilt Pita Chips-Regular and Multigrain
    Trader Joes Veggie Sticks (in chips section-for kids-much cheaper than other similar brands)

    I find I spend less money when I just shop at Trader Joes for the week, but there are too many things I can't find at Trader Joes.
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    One of my new found loves is their Sriracha Ranch Dressing!! You can dip ALL the veggies in that stuff it's so yummy! Their Omega Nut Mix is a really great snack too. Also so many ready to eat (frozen) veggies and meals. Mashed cauliflower. Get whatever looks good! I love their frozen selection for a busy lifestyle.

    Yessss, I love the sriracha ranch dressing! Also the green dragon hot sauce--I put that *kitten* on everything! :lol:

    Another reason I love Trader Joe's is that their items don't have artificial colors or preservatives. One of my kids is sensitive to the colors, so going there saves me the hassle of sifting through all the ingredient lists for red #40 and yellow #5, etc.

    My son has grow out of the phase where he was sensitive to dyes, but when he was, that store was a life saver. He still prefers some of their products, though.
  • karahm78
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    I love the Mahi Mahi Burgers , the mushroom risotto, frozen asparagus, the chicken burgers, the egg white salad..

    Yes, all the frozen fish "burgers" are good.... we buy the Mahi-Mahi, tuna, and salmon ones. They make a quick meal, I like to put them on a salad or eat them on a plate with a fork, and on sandwich thins. YUM
  • paulawriteslove
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    I love their seeweed snacks!
  • ThreeLilBirdsFarm
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    Apparently, everyone in my neighborhood is following this thread. lol.

    I was looking high and low for the chocolate mentioned and someone asked if they could help me. She determined that there was a sudden shortage of that and several other items I was having trouble finding. She was confused and said "word must have gotten out about these, I don't get it".

    Managed to grab a pizza crust. Excited to try that.
  • jenniday1229
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    I like these for snacks, wish I had bought more when I was there (it's an hour away for me)

    The verde chicken tamales are awesome.

    I second the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.

    And my son loves the Midnight Moo since I usually don't buy chocolate sauce it's a special treat.
  • prettyshambolic
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    The bambino pizzas! 250 cal for a cheese one, I absolutely love them. The frozen brown rice and potato medallions are great too.
  • nowine4me
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    I put everything but the bagel on just about everything!

    Save yourself 99 cents, the PB&J yogurt is despicable
  • choppie70
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    Why there and not literally any other store? Trader Joe's is not some Holy Mecca of food shopping.

    My husband is a manager in a huge Northeast grocery chain. He says the prices at Trader Joe's for their organic products and other speciality products as well, is much cheaper than the chain grocery store prices.
  • alohajls
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    Another survivor of Trader Joe's in NYC (upper west side). When you need a sherpa to find the end of the line that is snaking through the store--literally, there is a guy standing with a tall sign that says 'end of line here'! But, all the prices are the same as everywhere else in the country, which makes for scandalously cheap groceries in New York.

    I am a fan of the Lite Kettle Corn in individual packets. 110 calories, salty, sweet, crunchy, and the small package keeps me from eating more than I need. Great for road trips!

    The Chicken Soup Dumplings (frozen) are tasty for 250 calories. Sometimes I get the chicken spring rolls or lemongrass chicken stix (also frozen)--I can be a pig and eat the whole package for 500 calories!

  • nooshi713
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    I buy their wild caught shrimp there for $10/lb. I also like that they have free range liquid egg whites.
  • MikePfirrman
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    I went there the first time and my wife and I were like, it's OK but overhyped. Then going back a few more times, we found more and more we liked. My wife is dairy/gluten free and there's lots there for her. $1 frozen brussell sprouts, coconut creamer ($2), vegan dark chocolate bars (1 lb for $3.99), very high quality soaps/hand soaps for very reasonable -- their soap is as good as any and it's very cheap. Their coffee, though not organic is very, very good. It's one of my favorites (I think it's a 12 oz bag for like $3.99). Goat cheese very cheap too. Supplement prices are very reasonable as well. We also love their Chicken Burgers there. Their coconut ice cream and Soy ice cream are also amazing (and half the price of other stores).
  • MelodyMomof2
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    Not low calorie, but I did find reduced fat coconut milk. I've been looking everywhere for it and happened to see it at Trader Joe's. I found a recipe for lower calorie pina coladas that I can't wait to try at the beach.
  • NoExcusesFromNowOn
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    Whole wheat lavash bread, corn & wheat tortilla, tomato soup & butternut squash soup. Chocolate bars. The babka is excellent but hard to only eat 2 ounces.
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    For dessert, the Mango and Cream Bars, 60 cal each and so good.
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    bbell1985 wrote: »
    bbell1985 wrote: »
    That place gives me anxiety. Trader Joes in NYC. No thanks. Also their delicious stuff is super calorie dense.

    I go to TJs in NYC too. Rarely. I can't do the lines, and most of the good stuff is gone.

    I know! The lines move pretty fast but seeing it wrapped around the store...heart starts pounding. I used to hit up the one on the upper west side once in awhile. The lines at the Brooklyn one don't look as bad but not worth lugging groceries home on the subway.

    There are 2 trader joes in Bklyn. One on court st & one in city point (formerly albee sq mall) I only go to the TJ's in the city when i'm near one and need only a few things. I actually drive all the way to Yonkers at least twice a month to shop there! I buy heavy stuff like boxes of veggie stock, soup, coconut water, etc. Its cheaper for me because I can't eat most items in a regular supermarket. For instance, they have this yummy vegan cranberry oatmeal cookie. *Drool*
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    This dressing is really good! Whenever I go to Panera I get a Green Goddess Cobb salad and this dressing is the closet one I can find to theirs.