TruVision Products

Is anyone here using Tru-Vision products with results that can give me some ideas of the diet that's working best with them, as well as reviews of how the have helped/not helped you?


  • jessicameadsstephens
    jessicameadsstephens Posts: 51 Member
    I have and it has worked, but after having a baby at 40 ive struggled bad, these pills are an amazing help for giving me my energy back and making me feel so much better everyday, I am just not sure the best diet to combine with them, as they say high protein but I am not good on a low carb diet.
  • gophermatt
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    Kind of depends on your goals. If you’re going to lift and maintain muscle during your loss, many people find higher protein is helpful. To lose weight, it’s not required. Set a reasonable goal you can execute against for a 4-6 week period. Do it well and re-evaluate your macros after that. Carbs are important for your body, particularly if you’re exercising. There are carbs in a great many nutritious foods.

    There are many ways of eating that different people prefer. Find one that you can work with that gives you a reasonable calorie deficit.

    I don’t knew w anything about the pills. My experience from dropping 60 pounds via deficits is that the only supplement worth the money is a simple multivitamin
  • kimny72
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    They probably aren't doing anything a multi-vitamin and some caffeine can't do for a 10th of the price.

    Yep, it's just green tea extract/caffeine plus the typical weight loss industry supplements that don't do anything else but make the ingredient list look natural and interesting.

    OP, you can eat whatever kind of diet you want to lose the weight, just hit your calorie goal. Many people find protein satiating, so there's nothing wrong with trying to get some more protein in your diet, and you don't need to eat low carb to do that.

    And when you're tired of paying them all that money, just have some coffee and focus on eating a well-balanced calorie appropriate diet. It will have the same effect :drinker: