Women’s best capsules

Has anyone ever used the any supplements like the women’s best slim caps and burner caps? Or the pristine world slim caps and hunger caps for that extra ‘boost’ of weight loss??? I understand to use a CICO method, I was just reading a post about them and was intrigued


  • Slu13
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    I wasn’t going to buy them, I’m just intrigued into what they do really! X
  • happyfeetrebel1
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    Nothing except make you poorer!
  • taco_inspector
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    The "Mechanism" for the Woman's Best Slim Capsules is that the Glucomannan (Konjac root) is ingested and saturated with water to form a glob of fiber in your stomach so you physically feel fuller. Like eating a partially soluble sponge or other fiber source -- not too dissimilar to eating a salad and water prior to your main course.

    I'm not familiar with the "Pristine' World" product, so I won't offer any input.

    However, something that I've found to be quite axiomatic over all the years is that if you could buy a pill that could make you thin, Oprah wouldn't be so heavy (surely one of the world's wealthiest women with an expressed desire to reduce her weight that has tried quite a few "creative" solutions would have already purchased and used such a pill).
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    Most of them have caffeine to make you feel more energetic. That's about it. Take some caffeine pills for cheaper.
  • CSARdiver
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    Just a note, but if a product is filed as a supplement then it by regulation cannot provide evidence to support that it is effective.

    Save your money on pretty much all supplements unless you have a documented medical issue.
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    Slu13 wrote: »
    I wasn’t going to buy them, I’m just intrigued into what they do really! X

    Usually they either have caffeine in them to make you feel amped up, or fiber so you feel a bit more full. You can get the same effect for less money by drinking a cup of coffee and eating more fiber (or even taking Metamucil).

    Other times they have absolutely nothing effective in them and the placebo effect is the only reason they exist.

    Rarely, they have snuck in an ingredient that is effective and illegal but not on the ingredient list, because it can also hurt (sometimes kill) you.

    Because supplements are unregulated, there is really no good way to tell which is which :smiley:
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    Slu13 wrote: »
    I wasn’t going to buy them, I’m just intrigued into what they do really! X

    They make your wallet lighter. That’s it.

    A good rule of thumb for weight loss supplements: If it works, it isn’t legal; if it’s legal, it doesn’t work.