low calorie cheat food ideas

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I know the title might be kind of confusing but on the weekends, since i’m home all day i’m always looking for things to snack on or i’m always just craving a “cheat meal” (pizza,fast food,candy, oreos- things like these) . typically when i post asking for food ideas i get a lot of people telling me that as long as i don’t go over my calories for the day, i can eat just about anything i want; i totally get that!! but i’m very early into dieting and eating right and i quickly realized that i benefit more from not allowing myself to have things like that, so that’s why i’m curious if any of you have any snack ideas or meals that are low calorie that would satisfy these cravings!!


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    Do you like potato chips? I love the Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles. They're 140 calories for a snack sized bag, but I'm happy with the portion (especially when it accompanies a sandwich!) and they are super addicting!
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    Air popped popcorn, you can always add seasonings and flavors to it, rice cakes, fruits, veggie chips.
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    80 calorie Dannon Fit & Light Greek yogurt (tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin pie when I can find it) with Cool Whip.

    Pizza made with an ultra thin pre-baked crust (the brand I get here is called Golden Home). I go light on the cheese (4 oz for a pizza) and fatty meats, but can make a supreme pizza for about 130-150/slice that tastes just as good as a "regular" version.

    Oatmeal with a TB of dark chocolate chips.

    I made baked jalapeno poppers the other night for 75 cal/each. Large jalapenos, light cream cheese, a couple of TB of sharp cheddar, garlic powder, a TB of bacon bits, dipped in Panko crumbs & sprayed with cooking spray. 30 minutes in a 425 degree oven.

    A faux whopper with a Boca Burger (or lean ground turkey) on a 45 calorie Sara Lee bun piled high with tomato, lettuce, & the usual burger toppings.
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    It helps me to think about what natural foods my body might really want which are causing the cravings. Eating poorly for a long time will confuse your taste buds! For example, I used to crave lemon candy when I wasn't eating enough fruit. Ice cream cravings can be satisfied with Greek yogurt with berries and dark chocolate. Plenty of protein usually gets me over fast food cravings. For salty, crunchy cravings I like sliced, salted radishes.
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    rice cracker with a tomato and a little salt or pepper (ro separate they are nice too)
    Cucumber sliced
    an apple
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    Let's not call it cheating. Let's call it 'eating on a weekend'.

    Have a realistic plan, and stay with it.
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    I have been making a lot of burrito bowls lately - cauliflower rice, ground taco beef, avocado, salsa... could add some Blk beans too if you wanted. Satisfies the Mexican cravings and quite low calorie & carb.
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    Fruit with lime juice squeezed on and a dash of tajin changes it up completely. Something like cantaloupe you can get a lot of bang for your calorie-buck with.

    I made muffin pizzas the other night - reduce a can of chopped tomatoes in a shallow pan, I season with paprika and chili flakes and a little oregano - toast muffin, apply tomatoes to taste, dust with finely shredded cheese and whack under the broiler for a minute or so. The cheese goes further than you think when grated small and melted, and I had the 100 calorie Thomas muffins and they were surprisingly substantial. Two muffins, the can of tomatoes and the cheese was only like 350 cals - I had some leftover pasta to go with for dinner.

    Are you married? If not..... let me know! Lol
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    You can make lower calorie versions of fast foods and desserts.
    Homemade pizza with thinner crust, lower calorie ingredients
    Regular burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers
    Tacos using lean ground beef, ground turkey, beans or lentils... taco salad if the tortilla is too much.

    I find a lot of recipes through pinterest. If you search for low calorie desserts you will find some ideas.

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    For salt cravings, I eat pickles. For sweet, lately I have strawberries with whipped cream, or a piece of dark chocolate.
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    A small snack size candy bar satisfies my sweet tooth and doesn't break the calorie bank. Sometimes I'll have a hot dog in a bun, which feels like I'm "cheating" (I don't really use that word), but it's only about 250 calories. We also make individual homemade pizzas using flour tortillas. About 300 cal each, and satisfies the pizza tooth :smile:
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    Apple chopped with a little peanut butter and small sprinkle of cinnamon is a game changer!
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    - homemade milk tea (black tea, 1/2 cup low fat milk, 1 tsp. honey)
    - cereal
    - homemade fruit shakes or fruit pops. I wait until they're super ripe so that I don't have to add any more sugar.
    - frozen greek yoghurt with lots of fruits
    - jello
    - fruits + pb

    - popcorn
    - homemade veggie chips or veggie fries (when I'm out, I always have sweet potato fries instead of regular. Then season with salt and pepper, no ketchup)
    - cheese, sometimes with crackers

    These are all snacks though, not meal substitutes.
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    I second Greek yogurt. My current fave is toasted marshmallow. I dip apple slices in it. Yum!