Could use some pals

Yoyo54 Posts: 5 Member
Hello I've been a long time user but never really took weight loss serious until now. Have a little over 100 pounds to lose and I'm motivated as ever I would love some motivating friends along the way, we could totally help each other out!


  • seat151
    seat151 Posts: 170 Member
    Good luck in your journey
  • JenniferBennett3
    JenniferBennett3 Posts: 18 Member
    Hello!! I am in the same boat, I have been using MFP for a while but only started getting involved in the community in the last couple weeks. Having friends here has been a great motivator.
  • desireerose20
    desireerose20 Posts: 2 Member
    I am new here and would love to have motivative friends along the way! I have been on a very bumpy road with fitness and diet for awhile now, but I am FINALLY finding what works right for me :) good luck in your journey, girl!
  • eyelovepochacco
    eyelovepochacco Posts: 1 Member
    Me too definitely need motivational buddies. I want to be live a more healthier lifestyle.
  • picimin
    picimin Posts: 4 Member
    That's the spirit everyone! We will make it! FTW
  • Rach7671
    Rach7671 Posts: 45 Member
    Happy to be friends, I find it very motivating!
  • debbiebondklein
    debbiebondklein Posts: 158 Member
    I do low carb. and comment on status's daily . I would love if you sent me a friend request.
  • neptracy
    neptracy Posts: 2 Member
    Keep consistent......that is what I am learning.
  • 13Mouse
    13Mouse Posts: 2 Member
    Only joined yesterday, but could use some friends for motivation, meal, exercise advice and suggestions
    Feel free to add me or send me a message :)
  • Loyagi2
    Loyagi2 Posts: 3 Member
    I rejoined and could use friends for motivation and advice!
  • billnielsen
    billnielsen Posts: 12 Member
    Love to friend and inspire. Send me friend request. You can do this.
  • Roxyrox87
    Roxyrox87 Posts: 6 Member
    Same here. I’ve always had the app and would log in meals here and there but never really was consistently. Would love more friends on here as well. Not sure how to add people
  • Olivia_Hough
    Olivia_Hough Posts: 9 Member
    Feel free to add me. I could need some motivation. :)
  • texas_keto_chick
    texas_keto_chick Posts: 7 Member
    You can add me :)
  • UceMuggin
    UceMuggin Posts: 1 Member
    Ayy let’s do it!! In this together. Add me if u’d like. Im new to the app so yeah im lookin for some pals and extra motivation!
  • seat151
    seat151 Posts: 170 Member
    Happy for anyone to add me
  • Butterflyasunset
    Butterflyasunset Posts: 5 Member
    YESSSS !!! lets DO this!! i am ALLLL IN this time. anybody here, feel free to add me.
  • cc42415
    cc42415 Posts: 8 Member
    I recently rejoined well reactivated should I say. Would love some new friends and motivation. As well as give it feel free to add me
  • kiwisandcoconuts
    kiwisandcoconuts Posts: 59 Member
    Hi there! Just sent a friend request. Love finding active MFP "friends" to help support and motivate along the way :smile:
  • toseeme
    toseeme Posts: 33 Member
    Hey, I am back again and serious this time. I would love to have so fun along this journey. Feel free to add me.