Jogging vs walking

I've been walking, fast walking, but walking all the same (I'm currently at 2.1 miles a day, increasing it every few days). Should I maybe kick it up a notch and do some jogging. I've heard jogging is terrible for your knees and I really don't want knee issues when I'm finally in a good groove losing weight and feeling better. My Uncle used to jog a few miles a day and his knees are horrific. I know that doesn't mean it'll happen to me but yeah.

So, jogging or walking. Opinions?


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    I suspect most people who hurt their knees while running are either not prepared to run, meaning over weight and/or not conditioned for it, or like me who have old basketball and football injuries. Like they say you gotta learn to walk before you run. Since you've been walking already, your body is probably more ready to start jogging than some others who want to just jump right in. I say go for it. I won't hurt to try it out. And if it works out it can save some time on your cardio.
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    I've never been a runner....have one bad knee.

    I use a rebounder....makes everything lower impact. Step aerobics is another low(er) impact way to bump up the intensity.
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    Thank you so much for the information everyone!! :*
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    I developed knee pain as a long time hiker/backpacker. Not enough to stop me, but it was frequently painful, especially on the downhills. As a runner, I have no pain when running as long as I'm wearing good shoes. (Old shoes will sometimes cause twinges.) Part of that is because I don't run anything as steep as I used to hike, partly it's because my leg muscles are more balanced now. I still get occasional pain when hiking, but not like I used to.
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    I have recently taken up running ... everything hurts, except my knees. ...... but everything hurting is my own fault as my cardio vascular ability FAR FAR outweighs my running ability so I have started doing too much too soon and havent learnt when to and how much to back off .... my tips ..... do it, it eats calories and works your body hard .. but take it easy and start slowly increasing distance gradually .... dont do as I did and start running 10k straight out the block