Sup fitness pals. I'm back on this journey...again but this time I have a totally different mindset. Ready for a new life. With that said what is your take on weight lifting vs cardio for a person like me with a large amount of weight to lose?

I generally do both in the gym. But I'm just trying to see whether I should focus more on weight training or just split it in half? Any feedback would be appreciate.

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  • GoGetta52
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    Thanks for the replies guys
  • sarahwright01
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    Maybe check out some of beachbody on Demands Videos and get some routine ideas...
    I really like Cardio Weight training myself...
  • h1udd
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    Definitely both ... I do cardio on the days I don’t lift .. and vice versa
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    Another vote for both!
  • gamerbabe14
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    I'd say both but weight lifting has given me a better body shape than cardio in the long run.
  • jfan175
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    Yet another vote for both. Each has a place in your overall health and appearance.
  • Mindcook
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    The main thing is consistency. Once you are constant (x number of workouts per week) decide what works for you and improve from there.
    I like both, lift 3X per week and do cardio 3X per week, one day of rest. I add a few minutes of high intensity interval training sometimes.
  • iyobosaaiyanyo
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    Both are good for you.
    I lift 3 x a week doing strong lifts 5x5 I then do a 30mins if cardio usually running on incline.
    The other 3 days I do sraight cardio either power walking with a weighted vest or a 5k run.
    So the weights help u retain muscle mass while u r in a calorie deficit.
    Another great thing is that it's bonus calories burned as I don't enter it on MFP I only enter cardio.
  • collectingblues
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    I do both. I enjoy running half marathons, and skipping cardio in favor of All Lifting isn't going to help me be a better runner.

    I also enjoy spin, barre, and swimming, so lifting simply has to fit in when it can. (So far, I find the most success pairing it on barre days, since barre isn't pure cardio.)
  • sgt1372
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    edited April 2018
    When I started, during the 1st 6 months, when my primary goals were increased strength and reduced weight, I lifted heavy and lifted more often than I did cardio.

    For the following 18 months til now, when my primary goals were to maintain strength and weight previously gained and lost w/a secondary goal of recomp, I no longer lifted as heavy and did/do cardio more often than I lifted/lift.

    The result has been an increase in strength to the advanced and elite levels when compared w/other men my age/weight (67/156) based on the StrenthLevel.com database, a loss of 42# from 196 to 154 (my wt today), maintenance of my weight at 157 +/-3, a drop in my BF from over 20% to 8.3% (as lasted measured by hydro) and a recomp of about 10# of LBM/BF based on BF testing measurements taken from 166#/16% BF down to 156#/8.3%BF.

    Very satisfactory results to me.
  • LBxLB
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    Both are good for you, but you have do what you enjoy, you're more likely to stick with it. I do cross fit and love it it's a cardio and lifting session in one. lol Good luck!
  • bbell1985
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    If you can do both do it!! I hated cardio so much. I lifted for years without doing any and now it's like painful to add back, even as a relatively fit person.
  • GoGetta52
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    Thank you to everyone for the replies. I usually do both. I heard of someone losing over 100 pounds with only weight training so that was the reason for this post.

    I'm sure I will continue to incorporate cardio into my workouts although I love the way lifting makes me feel. I'll probably keep it a 60/40 split and see how my body reacts.
  • gearhead426hemi
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    I like to do both at the same time. Supersets or giant sets with minimal rest will take your fitness level up a notch. Both are required for overall fitness so you definitely don't want to quit doing one or the other. You can really mix things up by doing your weight lifting but after every set hit the treadmill or elliptical for 5-7 minutes of intense cardio then minimal rest and back to the weights again. Get creative, always change things up keep your body guessing. Makes working out more interesting when you don't do the same routine week after week. Best of luck!
  • MissDetermined335
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    Echoing what most peeps are saying- the most effective way to see quicker (and long term sustainable) weight loss and fitness results is by combining cardio with strength training.

    Big fan of Bodyweight exercises such as TRX over free weights, but I use both.
    Cardio burns that fat immediately and building muscle with weights/bodyweight helps your body continue to burn the fat hours after your workout.

    Mix it up is my main advice but never neglect the cardio. I mainly to cross trainer HIIT and on average burn 500 calories going at it for 50 mins hard.

    Good luck in your journey!