why am i so hungry!!!



  • Lynzdee18
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    I get an appetite that won’t stop when I eat carbs- baked good, cereal....that sort of food. If I can restrict that intake for about ten days, I lose that need to eat. I go for a walk if I feel I want to eat or drink a big glass of ice water with lime or lemon. I’m really not hungry...it’s just the need to eat.
  • Sheluvsbread2much
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    I've been on this diet for 81 days - why am i so hungry now? - I hit the dreaded plateau for three weeks... didn't lose anything!!!! - finally started losing again last week, but i am so hungry and i am eating the same amount of calories as before the plateau just exercising a little more. I'm down 30 lbs total but I don't want to backslide because i am so hungry all the time now. any suggestions?

    I could've asked this question word for word. thanks for beating me to it. will read the responses.
  • 1BlueAurora
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    I always ate back 50% - 75% of my earned exercise calories. MFP is set up for you to do that. I continued to lose about one pound a week, which was a good and sustainable rate of loss. I didn't have very many hunger issues, and it staved off the fatigue I would get when I wasn't fueling my body enough.
  • nowine4me
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    What does “exercising a little more” mean? When I pick up running each Spring, I’m starving for the first 3-4 weeks.
  • Josh_lol
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    3 lbs a week is an aggressive goal. Eat more. Change up your macros every so often so you're eating more fibre, protein and fat. Those will help keep you feeling fuller for the same amount of calories.

    It's not a race, doing something you can maintain will lead to success in the long-run.