I feel alone

kellyb1285 Posts: 17 Member
Ok this sounds pathetic and sad. I truly from the bottom of my heart feel alone in this. Iv a husband... that thinks criticism motivates. I have 2 kids who think I’m the cleaner, cook and taxi. I love them all but don’t feel like I have anyone for me... does that make sense? I’m there for everyone but me? Nope I’m alone. I lost about2.5 stone last yr. put it back on now I’m giving it my all despite the critism to get to my goal. Not easy. Hoping you may help me?


  • Sheluvsbread2much
    Sheluvsbread2much Posts: 85 Member
    You are at the right place. There is tons of support here and a wealth of information. I suggest you look through the threads and see which group appeals to you and make that a favourite. You are not alone. you have 1,000's of friends on MFP. Good luck and don't give up.
  • nutrikimber
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    Mindset is KEY! You're already observing you're the caretaker for EVERYONE (and that sounds like it takes a lot of energy)... now you're here for support & to get the energy back for You!
  • deepwoodslady
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    I understand. I feel alone too but for different reasons. My husband passed away and my children are recently grown and moved away. My motivation for weight loss, beating breast cancer, being healthy has always been for my family. Now? If I do it, it will have to be for myself and that is very very foreign for me. Will I have the strength to do it just for me when no one NEEDS me too? Kellyb..... we will learn self-worth. We can do this regardless of anyone else who is or is not around us. It is our health, our beauty, our struggle and our accomplishment (among many other things!). We are in this together girl! Keep your chin up. We are not alone.
  • mkculs
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    Hi, Kellie. So sorry you are feeling alone. I hope you will find the support here to feel self-sufficient--kind of the opposite of alone, but in a different light. Finding what one needs is self-sufficiency--and by asking for support, you are demonstrating that. Cyber-support can replace what is missing from your life right now, so I hope it does--for you and for me. God bless and good luck.