Could Use a Little Friendly Motivation

I’m fairly new on my fitness journey to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve tried before & lacked the motivation. Figured if I had friends to help me along the way I would be more successful :)


  • EmKeebler
    EmKeebler Posts: 1 Member
    You’re going to do great! You just need to keep in mind where you want to be, and know this is how you’ll get there!
  • dianemunn1981
    dianemunn1981 Posts: 6 Member
    I'm starting again tomorrow. Add me if you like and we can try to motivate each other
  • OhNoeyFit
    OhNoeyFit Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everybody I’ve been on my journey for a few months all by myself, not even my family knows my ups and downs. I would love some company , we can help motivate each other. Ive learned its more to it than just “I want to look great in a bikini” lol.
  • HappyKat5
    HappyKat5 Posts: 369 Member
    Welcome Kitty...I’m Kat. Seems like a pretty solid connection
  • mikedbobb
    mikedbobb Posts: 23 Member
    Lets do this together! Restarting my journey also. We got this!!
  • kittybeann
    kittybeann Posts: 6 Member
    mikedbobb wrote: »
    Lets do this together! Restarting my journey also. We got this!!

  • MarvinsFitLife
    MarvinsFitLife Posts: 874 Member
    Feel free to add me for support on your journey
  • TomFit18
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    Welcome to MFP....Feel free to add me!
  • dws00
    dws00 Posts: 159 Member
    Add me cutie!
  • Amichuth
    Amichuth Posts: 12 Member
    Trying leads to success. You got this.
  • harrybarns87
    harrybarns87 Posts: 61 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • Lindsaykathryn
    Lindsaykathryn Posts: 27 Member
    Follow me on Instagram for weightloss motivation!
    I am also looking for new friends on here! I have lost 50lbs since 12-29-17 and still going!!
  • zombiegirl123
    zombiegirl123 Posts: 13 Member
    You can do this!!