I want friends who are interested in drilling down to why we do what we do <3

Tuliper1 Posts: 59 Member
Hey. I’m back on here, and I’m going to be updating my status a lot… For my own benefit.

Journaling helps me think more clearly about why I do what I do... especially when I overeat.

I’m interested in friends here on MFP who are going to be doing the same thing… not giving up at the first bump in the road, the first binge, the first missed workout.

My diary is open to friends.


  • Juice_boi
    Juice_boi Posts: 28 Member
    Yeh a lot of people give up too easily but I’m going for the life long goal as well as short term ones such as cutting and gaining muscle
  • MarvinsFitLife
    MarvinsFitLife Posts: 869 Member
    I like this kinda friends I support
  • Lynnara
    Lynnara Posts: 152 Member
    Welcome, feel free to add me, my diary is open.