Update since last post pictures

I have been feeling like I hit a plateau and the last pics I posted I felt as though I was stuck there. There has been no change in my weight but after forcing myself to take a progress pic I believe I see a big difference even if the scale says no . April 8th is first pic and 2nd pic is today . jvozo476qnxe.jpeg


  • bertabugg
    bertabugg Posts: 28 Member
    Big difference. Keep it up!
  • Renonelarock
    Renonelarock Posts: 44 Member
  • nettiklive
    nettiklive Posts: 206 Member
    Wow that's a huge difference in only a month!! Awesome job. What have you been doing?
  • Renonelarock
    Renonelarock Posts: 44 Member
    Calorie deficit . Working out for a 1/2 hour 5 -6 times a week . Trying to fit in any other activity I can but not going crazy .
  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,900 Member
    Try on old clothes before wt gain too! Yes can see that difference.
  • bikecheryl
    bikecheryl Posts: 1,430 Member
    It's strange there is no evidence on the scale because there sure are in the pictures!! Looking great!
  • Debgreasby2018
    Debgreasby2018 Posts: 30 Member
    Awesome work! Can see a real difference. Keep it up, you’re doing fantastic x
  • 2aycocks
    2aycocks Posts: 415 Member
    What kind of workouts for 30 minutes? Cardio? Weight training? What? I can see quite a difference. Good for you!
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,345 Member
    Heck yes! A very visible difference :smiley: you rock!
  • Renonelarock
    Renonelarock Posts: 44 Member
    I literally go in on the elliptical and switch it up daily , the one without the arm things. I try my own version of HIIT so I go hard then slow then hard again . Until I can keep it pretty steady towards the end at a high heart rate ... I go between mid to high incline and lower to high resistance . :)
  • mrendon80
    mrendon80 Posts: 78 Member
    WOW That’s an amazing difference for one month.