Help settle a preworkout argument

I like to take preworkout before hitting the gym. My husband who does not go to the gym wants to drink my preworkout as a caffeine drink to help wake him up. I constantly tell him no I don't want him drinking it just for energy and to just make a cup of coffee. Am I wrong for this? I feel like it should only be used before strenuous activity. I guess I'm also concerned that if I let him have it once for this purpose, he will just drink it all and I won't have any for when I go to workout. Thoughts?


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    Made me smile:)
  • jjpptt2
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    I use mine like coffee, for whatever it's worth.
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    @tbright1965 I'm not telling him he can't drink preworkout. I'm telling him he can't have the preworkout I specially got for myself for the gym.

    The reason I asked the question is to get some perspective to see if I was being ridiculous which sounds like I kind of am. I view preworkout as something to be used before a strenuous workout and he just sees it as an energy drink.

    He said he didn't want me to buy him his own but I might anyway so he will stay out of mine. :)

    Thanks all for the input.
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    Yeah I have to agree with others. In our house what’s mine is yours pretty much. If it’s in the house it’s fair him his own. Problem solved. Or ask him to pick some up.
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    Ha! I have to admit - I am divorced (and for a reason!). So, I love it when married people have these little issues. Real world, real life everyday everyman kinda issues. I mean, everyone can relate to this because everyone has had the "Honey, why are you __________?" conversation before.

    Do I have an answer? No! Decidedly not. I mean, I got divorced! :-)

    Keep in mind......imitation is a HUGE form of flattery. He is imitating you in that he is taking pre-workout (without working out). Too cute.

    Hey - if I might suggest - turn this into an opportunity to get him to go to the gym with you. Maybe playfully suggest one morning that if he is going to take your pre-workout then he needs to go to the gym with you. I had a female friend once (and only once! LOL!) and when had the best times and the most fun going to the gym together. So, maybe try that! Yes, you are welcome! :-)
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    In my house its the opposite. That's mine is mine and what's yours is yours. We don't touch each others stuff. Ever!

    Tell him that coffee will work just as well and cost far less. Personally, I'd let him try one cup and if he sees a difference he can buy his own. He probably won't see any difference, he's just curious.

    Maybe he does't like coffee?

    If you're that worried about cost, one should just drink the coffee as a pre-workout. Also, cost related, most pre-workouts cost less per serving than a can of Red Bull, Monster or any of that other crap if he wants a caffeine buzz
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    Story of my life - I call my husband a locust when it comes to certain items, he'll blitz through them and not replace them. Hide it, keep it in your car or gym bag or something, or put it somewhere he doesn't look.

    And it's not about cost. It's about one more "silly" thing that spouses can disagree on that can be avoided if you want. Some behaviours don't change. Cohabiting is sometimes just about managing not solving.

    Edit to add: mine plows through my Halo Top once in a while and then complains that it's terrible. And yet he ate two and a half pints the other night. Again.
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    Too much caffeine...also, it's awfully expensive to use that way.
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    Can’t you just buy more? I can’t imagine telling my husband he wasn’t allowed to have something. :confused: