Help! MFP Extra Calories Burned confusion

So I walked 10,004 steps today and MFP calculated under the exercise section in my daily log that I only burned 84 extra calories... But I hear most people are supposed to burn 300-500 calories from walking 10,000 steps! I weigh 130 but I don't think that would decrease my burn all the way to 84... Maybe I just don't get how the MFP extra calories feature works. Will someone please explain how they calculate this? Thank you!


  • gamerbabe14
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    How long was the distance you walked? They may be calculating it like: 130lbs x 2miles (guess) x .33 = 85

    Also, did you add any other exercise today? What is your activity level set to?
  • janejellyroll
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    Is this from a synced device?

    Double check your activity level. The higher it is set the more activity you have to do before you begin seeing adjustments.
  • mbaker566
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    it is likely because of your set activity level. if it is more than sedentary, it expects you to move a certain amount every day. so the 84 calories were what was above and beyond your expected movement levels
  • cwolfman13
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    What's your activity level set to? Even sedentary is going to account for up to around 5,000 steps. If your activity level is set higher, you're not going to get substantial adjustments because the activity is already accounted for in your activity level.